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Article: What To Pack In Your Hospital Tote. Dear Mamas, Please Take Note…

What To Pack In Your Hospital Tote. Dear Mamas, Please Take Note…

What To Pack In Your Hospital Tote. Dear Mamas, Please Take Note…

Did you know, your hospital staycation could be anywhere between 1 to 7 days depending upon the type of delivery?

For normal deliveries, you could be in and out in a matter of hours.

C-sections will require you stay put for a little longer.

And for those special cases, mama and baby may even be required to stay for a week.

Suffice to say, your hospital bag acts as a makeshift home during your time in the maternity ward.

So, you’ll want to make sure it has everything and more for a comfortable and convenient stay.

From daily necessities to newborn specific items, and those helpful extras, you can never be too prepared.

Remember, every hospital has a different policy when it comes to allowing you to carry items from home.

Make sure to have prior knowledge on what’s available in the hospital, versus what you’ve got to bring.

Now, we don’t mean to nag, but have you packed these items into your hospital bag??

Everyday Essentials

  1. Pyjamas
  2. Loungewear / Maternity Wear
  3. Nursing Bra
  4. Socks
  5. Comfortable footwear, with a firm grip
  6. Flip flops – for the washroom
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Deodorant
  10. Soap
  11. Shampoo
  12. Conditioner
  13. Lotion
  14. Lip Balm
  15. Massage oil – if you wish to be massaged during labour
  16. Hairbrush
  17. Hair Ties
  18. Glasses
  19. Contact Lenses
  20. Water bottle


  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Laptop / Tablet (optional)
  3. Chargers
  4. Headphones / ear phones

Important Documents

  1. Hospital Registration Forms
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Pan Card / Aadhar Card
  4. Birth Plan
  5. Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Paediatrician’s contact information 

Entertainment Pack

  1. Books (optional)
  2. Board Games (optional)
  3. Music (optional)

Snacks (if permitted by the hospital)

  1. Dried fruit
  2. Protein Bars
  3. Cereal
  4. Yogurt
  5. Banana

Baby Must-Haves

  1. Swaddle
  2. Blanket
  3. Nursing Cover
  4. Breast feeding pillow (optional)
  5. Diapers
  6. Wipes
  7. Burp Cloths
  8. Pacifier
  9. Onesie / Romper / Jumpsuit
  10. Socks
  11. Mittens
  12. Cap
  13. Car seat (optional)

Didn’t think you’d be packing for a mini holiday, did you?

Well, think of your hospital stay as an extended baby moon!

Except, in this case, your baby will be joining you quicker than ‘soon’.

Now, our list has the most important items covered.

Do add in any items that we may have left out that is relevant to you.

For instance, things your spouse or older child may need.

We’d also recommend that you print out the handy checklist; it’s always good to have a hard copy, where you can tick things off.

You can even use a virtual checklist if that’s more convenient.

So, have you gone through Greendigo’s hospital checklist thoroughly?

It has everything you need to pack efficiently.

Get this task off your plate, so you can focus your time and energy on more important things.

We wish you a safe, smooth and stress-free delivery!

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