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Premature Baby

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Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuit - Sweet Sunshine
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Top - Puddle Pond
Sold outPreemie Baby Organic Cotton Top - Rosebud
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Top - Buds On The Farm
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Top - Fascinating Meadows
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Romper - Funny Fluffy
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuit - Little Speckles
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Frock - Meadow Shadow
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Romper - Brook Farm
Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuit - Pigsqueak

Premature Baby

Soft, safe & gentle premature baby clothing

We are here to help families of premature babies through this often unexpected journey with safe and comfortable, GOTS certified organic cotton clothing especially designed for their little ones’ needs. Our range of premature baby clothes is NICU friendly and is loved by moms and hospital staff alike. Designed for easy dressing and diaper changes, our buttery soft organic cotton clothing for preemies is thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort of precious tiny babies.


1. What do preemie babies wear?

Body temperature of premature babies needs to be regulated. The best way to keep a preemie baby's temperature at a comfortable and safe level is by dressing them in layers, such as a vest, sleepsuit, blankets or zip-up sleep sack. You can add or remove a clothing item depending on how warm or cold it is.

2. What size clothes do premature babies wear?

Premature babies wear clothes that are specially designed by the month in which they were born. Greendigo makes clothes specially designed keeping in mind the requirement of premature babies.

3. What is the difference between preemie and newborn clothes?

Premature babies need to be in stable condition to wear clothing. Till the time their cardiac, respiratory, and digestive systems are stable, their nurses and doctors will require premature babies to be dressed in organic cotton clothing that is soft and gentle on their sensitive skin while being designed with special flaps for access to IV lines etc. Newborn clothes are for babies of ages 0-28 days.

4. What are the first things to buy for a newborn?

Newborn clothing should be soft, gentle and stretchy while offering ease of wear and diaper changes. Onesies in organic cotton that have snap button openings or two way zips are a must-have. In addition to this, bibs, caps, mittens, swaddle bags and baby blankets are essential for any newborn. For peaceful sleep time, sleep sacks are a preferred choice.