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Article: The Shop Before You Pop Check-list

The Shop Before You Pop Check-list
baby essentials

The Shop Before You Pop Check-list

Hey there, expecting mamas.

We get that you might be suffering from baby brain right now.

Which could make you a little foggy and forgetful.

Not a great combination for when you’ve got to plan, right?

Luckily, Greendigo has put together a useful shopping checklist, so that you’re guaranteed to have everything you need for when the bub arrives.

You can start your shopping spree once you’ve hit the twelve-week mark of your pregnancy journey.

Here’s exactly what you’ll need.

Wardrobe Essentials

Add these items to your trendy newborn baby trunk – swaddles, onesies/rompers/bodysuits, tops, pants, caps, socks, mittens and cardigans. This is the perfect time for soon-to-be mamas to explore the fabulous world of baby clothes. But not just any baby clothes. Organic baby clothes that are soft, safe and snuggly. Like that of Greendigo’s.

Nursing Must-Haves

Very soon, you’ll be your baby’s personal milk bank. In order to ease the process of breastfeeding, make sure to have these all-important items with you – bibs, burp cloths, breast pump, milk bottles, steriliser, nursing pillow, breast pad, nursing bra, and lotion for soreness.

Baby Care Essentials

From nappies to wet wipes, changing pads to wash cloths, powder to diaper rash cream, you’ve got a lot of items to put into that care package. Pro tip - always have good trash bags on hand for easy and quick disposal of diapers. We’d also recommend storing a pack of reusable cotton diapers in case your baby has extra sensitive skin.

Sleep Companions

Set up your newborn baby’s sleep space with the following cosy products – firm mattress, flat pillow, soft and breathable blanket, organic cotton sheets, sleep sack. If you’re assembling a crib or cot, make sure to throw in a mobile. Don’t forget to install a baby monitor, so that you always have peace of mind.

Bath Time Buddies

Your ‘rinse and repeat ritual’ is made fail-safe with these loving bath products – baby soap, fragrance-free shampoo, organic massage oil, moisturising lotion, hooded towel, round-tip nail scissors, soft hair brush.

Baby Equipment

Life with an infant would be impossible without these functional items – stroller, car seat, high chair, baby sling. Here’s how you can get an edge. Opt for an all-purpose stroller that reclines for when your baby falls asleep. Invest in a sturdy, infant-approved car seat, with a high rating. Choose a comfortable high chair, with extra padding, adjustable height and a reclining seat.

First Aid Kit

Put together a doctor-approved first aid kit with these miraculous items - antibacterial cream, Vaseline, nasal drops, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, sterile gauze and cotton wool, thermometer.
Like we’ve said before, you can customise this list as per your specific requirements.
Consult your doctor, chat with your family and friends, and look to experiences of fellow moms, before tweaking the checklist.

What’s more, make your buying decisions based on factors like health, safety, quality, functionality and convenience.

We wish you a pleasant nesting (act of preparing your home for your baby’s arrival) experience.

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