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Article: Our Advice To You, New Mamas

Our Advice To You, New Mamas

Our Advice To You, New Mamas

In one of our previous blogs, we shared 5 things that people wish they had known about motherhood.

We’re dishing out a few more tips to navigate the early stages of your mommy and me journey.

Here goes!

Be kind to yourself

You don’t need to be anyone but you. Who you are is enough and more. Especially to your precious one. So, why not replace self-doubt with self-love? Acknowledge what you can do, instead of focusing on what you can’t. Learn from your mistakes. And begin the chapter of motherhood on a positive note.

Embrace your new body

This may be easier said than done. After all, we get how difficult it can be to accept all those extra curves and edges. But, remember, you’re so much stronger for it. And if you just give yourself a little time, your body will heal naturally. In the meantime, you’re beautiful!

Practice an attitude of gratitude

Do you realise how blessed you are? You’ve just given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. You’ve got the love and support of your partner. You can count on your family and friends to be waiting in the wings. Those are wonderful things. So, make sure to acknowledge your blessings.

Enjoy the little moments

It’s the small things that matter. Like the first time your baby clutches onto your finger. Or flashes you a wide, toothless grin. In obsessing over the milestones, we often forget to savour the everyday moments. So, take it all in…

Prioritise eating well

A wholesome and nourishing post-natal diet is key to recharging the body and retaining that motherhood glow. Pack your plate with nutrient rich foods. You can even throw in your favourite snacks to the mix. This is your moment to binge, guilt free.

Get sufficient sleep

We’re always advocating for a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, with a baby, the most you can expect is a couple of hours at a stretch. This is where having a helpful and understanding partner helps, one whom you can delegate baby duty too.

Spend time with your partner

While your baby will be vying for all the attention, it’s important to share some of it with your partner too. Steal a few moments in between for a little ‘we time’. They come highly recommended.

Don’t rush into a fitness regiment

Instead of obsessing over when to hit the gym, ease into a little light walking and post-natal yoga instead. The former is refreshing, and also helps to get you into a better frame of mind. The latter works to keep you centred and grounded.

Find your own parenting rhythm

It doesn’t matter what those parenting books say, you’ve got to figure out a style that resonates with you and your values. Tap into your in-built maternal instinct, it will always steer you in the right direction.

Some days, you’ll feel like an imposter.

Other days, being a mama will feel as easy as breathing.

No matter which day it is, know that you’ve got this.

Everything is just the way it was meant to be.

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