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Article: Welcoming Dia Mirza to The Greendigo Family

Welcoming Dia Mirza to The Greendigo Family

Welcoming Dia Mirza to The Greendigo Family

You may have noticed that there’s something brewing backstage.

Well, the time has come to spill the tea.

Are you excited for our reveal?

Because this announcement marks the beginning of something truly special.

We’re honoured, humbled and extremely happy to unveil the face of Greendigo.

Dia Mirza – model, actress, producer, social worker, activist, and sustainability warrior - comes on board as Strategic Investor and Brand Ambassador!!

Taking beauty with a purpose to a whole new level, Dia joins us on our crusade to making the planet profitable. 

It’s a matcha made in heaven

Greendigo and Dia couldn’t make a better team!

After all, our mission is to design products that look good, feel good, and do good for both… human health and the environment.

Who better to bring this message alive, and amplify it to the masses, than a fellow sustainable champion?

Dia lends credibility to the collaboration by virtue of being the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador of India, advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals, Ambassador for the Wildlife Trust of India, among other laurels.

But beyond the many prestigious titles, this green queen brings to the table an honest and relatable point of view.

As a new mother, proud pet owner, and fierce protector of women’s and children’s rights, Dia is someone who people instantly resonate with.

And that’s why we believe that she will be able to shine a spotlight on social issues like toxic chemicals in kids clothing, textile waste, Co2 emissions, unsafe labour conditions, water pollution, deforestation, and more. 

Like Greendigo, Dia shares a similar belief about the choices that we make today and its impact on our children’s future. 

It’s all greener pastures for Greendigo

Team Greendigo looks forward to a clean, green calendar year!

With Dia at the helm of our marketing and brand communications, we hope to make sustainable fashion the only consideration.

We also aim to raise awareness about the many wonderful benefits of organic cotton on children’s sensitive skin.

Dia’s wide and diverse platform will help us get our message across to a broader audience, helping parents make better, smarter, healthier decisions for their kids.

And the best part is - we practice what we preach.

There is no lip service, only thoughtful action.

Practical designs plus organic materials and sustainable processes equal garments that are baby-loving, mama-loving and planet-loving.

Isn’t this delightful?

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