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Article: A Pretty Neat Cheat Sheet for Dads-To-Be!

A Pretty Neat Cheat Sheet for Dads-To-Be!
baby essentials

A Pretty Neat Cheat Sheet for Dads-To-Be!

From bachelor to husband to father, you’ve certainly come a long way.

So, let’s take this moment to celebrate your journey.

Because, wait for it, your carefree life is about to get a tad bit crazy.

The moment has arrived - Baby Eve!!

And in honour of this special occasion, we’ve got a little something for you.

Greendigo’s fatherhood survival kit.

Follow our rule of seven to be a rad dad – well prepared, organised, and up to the task.

Extend Your Paternity Leave

Hurry up and pop that question… to HR. You might not realise it now, but having an extra week off is like a lifeline. It gives you the opportunity to ease and grow into your new role as a father. Every moment makes a difference. Use your time positively. 

Manage The Piggy Bank

Be wiser, be happier. A smart financial plan helps make the next decade beautiful and worry-free. From evaluating your monetary goals, to creating a monthly household budget, to setting aside an emergency fund, there are simple ways to secure your family’s future. Get on it.

Co-Pilot Baby Duties

If parenthood had a title, it would be ‘chores galore’. Luckily, you can share ‘em! Since she’ll be breastfeeding, you can take on the responsibility of burping the baby. You could also volunteer to be on diaper duty, while she handles bath time. We always say, “pick up the slack, while she takes a nap”.

Schedule Father-Baby Time

It’s important to cultivate and nurture a relationship with your little heart. One that’s yours, and yours alone. This contributes to better physical and mental well-being. Holding the baby close to your chest, while talking or singing to him/her, allows you both to bond quickly. Cue the ‘aww moment’!

Tune Into Dadcasts (podcasts for dads)

Get in the know-how by substituting tunes for helpful tips by experienced and knowledgeable parents. You can listen to podcasts while exercising or running an errand (a wonderful way for busy fathers to multitask). Content that enlightens and entertains is always your best bet.

Spoil The Mama-To-Be

Plan a romantic dinner date at home. Give her a neck and shoulder massage. Tell her that she’s got a lovely, post-pregnancy glow. Encourage her to think of her own needs. These little gestures can go a very long way in cultivating a positive, happy, loving atmosphere. Plus, it earns you brownie points.

Bond with Fellow Dads

Connect with people who are in the same boat as you. Finding common ground is a great way to navigate fatherhood, and everything that comes along with it. Plus, there’s no need to feel alone. There are people who are merely a hop, skip and jump away. Be it online or in real life. So, seek them out. It’ll be well worth it. 

With Greendigo’s no-nonsense tips, you could easily ace your new role as dad. 

Remember, there’s always scope to learn and grow.

Always be patient and kind to yourself.

And full marks to those who never give up hope!

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