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Article: The A to Z of Healing from a C-Section

The A to Z of Healing from a C-Section
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The A to Z of Healing from a C-Section

A little birdie told us that you’re due for a c-section.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for the period after the surgery.

C-section recovery can be a long and hard road for most mama bears out there. 

Especially if it wasn’t part of the original birth plan.

Not to worry, though.

Greendigo has outlined a few tips to help you heal and glow.

Remember to…

Walk your way to wellbeing

One of the first things to do after having your c-section is to ease your body into some form of movement. In fact, you should attempt to stand up and take a couple of steps a few hours after the surgery itself. Walking has a profound impact on the recovery journey. It helps to regulate the two bs - blood flow and bowel movements. That way, you can prevent gas, cramping and clots. It also acts as an instant stress buster, helping to induce a feeling of calm.

Rest, recuperate and recharge

An obvious one, but a real game changer. And, no, we’re not contradicting the previous point. While it’s important to move about as much as you can, it’s equally important to give yourself a much-needed restation. Rest is a requisite, especially after a major surgery. After all, you don’t want to negatively impact your recovery process by doing too much too soon. The best way to heal from a C-section is to allow your body and mind to naturally regain its strength. Bit by bit. 

Fuel your body with a nourishing diet

What you put in your system sets the tone for your entire postnatal chapter. So, pick your plate wisely. We, at Greendigo, can’t stress enough the importance of a well-balanced diet. Eating wholesome and nutritious food helps to accelerate the recovery process. Not only will you heal faster, but you will also shed some of the baby weight, and enjoy a healthy and strong milk supply. Some of our favourite dishes include oatmeal porridge, multigrain khichdi, yogurt with fruit and granola, and hummus.

Get ahead of pain management

It doesn’t matter if you opt for natural remedies or prescribed medication. The important thing is to manage your pain in a manner that is comfortable and convenient to you. Consult your doctor and come up with a plan to navigate post c-section soreness and swelling. This will help make your recovery journey so much more manageable. 

Turn to a postnatal girdle 

A postnatal girdle is a compression garment that fits snugly around the abdomen to provide instant support and relief after a c-section. If you’re experiencing pain and inflammation, this product works well to alleviate all the symptoms. From offering back support, to aiding with muscle memory, decreasing pressure on the legs, and even bolstering the breastfeeding process, there’s nothing like a good-old girdle.

We C you, mamas!

And we’re rooting for you to have the most smooth and safe delivery.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. 

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