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Article: The Newborn Baby Dress Up Club

The Newborn Baby Dress Up Club
organic cotton

The Newborn Baby Dress Up Club

Our signature checklists are specially curated to ensure that parents don’t get too caught up in the fashion, and land up forgoing the functionality.

Don’t compromise on safety – whether for your newborn baby, or the planet…

Have fun, but also have peace of mind.

Here’s are 8 things you need to know when playing dress up.

Comfort Trumps Chic

Tip no.1 is all about that comfy quotient. When shopping for newborn baby clothing, your first priority should be to source attire that is soft, lightweight and breathable. Everything else is secondary to your baby’s comfort and wellbeing.

Safe Equals Stress-Free

Comfort is a direct result of investing in a safe fabric and silhouette. So, vet the material for your newborn baby clothes. Pick garments that are not only woven from natural fibres and non-toxic colours, but don’t pose any kind of risk for e.g., choking hazards.

Durable is Dependable

Dress your newborn baby in high-quality apparel that can withstand multiple washes. We can’t stress this enough. The last thing you need is a loose button, a hole, or even, running colour. Newborns typically go through 2-3 changes a day, yes!

Practical Eases Pressure

Your newborn baby’s wardrobe should consist of functional pieces of clothing, designed to offer maximum utility to parents. For instance, clothes that open down the front, with convenient two-way zippers, that allow easy access to the diaper. Explore a range of multipurpose styles from Greendigo’s virtual shop.

Quality Is Queen

When it comes to clothes for newborns, organic cotton is the rule rather than the exception. Apart from the many wonderful skin benefits, this eco-friendly material is also 100% fuss-free and no nonsense. Iron-friendly, non-flammable, and machine washable are just some of its many characteristics.

Season-Friendly, Smart

An important thing to keep in mind, while dressing your baby for the day, is the climate and weather conditions. During summer, a onesie or frock is the absolutely perfect outfit, as it will allow freedom of movement whilst keeping your baby cool. Winters, however, warrant add-ons in the form of a cardigan, socks, mittens, and cap.

Pretty and Purposeful

Newborn clothing must satisfy two criteria. Of course, it should be thoughtfully designed. We’ve covered that, above. But beyond the functionality, it must also look visually appealing (we get how important those pictures are…). Our collections come in the most gorgeous shades and prints, striking that balance with ease.

Coordinated Is Cool

Our last tip adds an element of fun to the mix. Why not coordinate your newborn baby’s outfit? Co-od can mean a matching set, which includes clothes, shoes and accessories. But it can also mean matching your outfit to your baby’s.

Your officially ready to play stylist to your newborn baby!

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