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Article: All About Baby Bath Towels

All About Baby Bath Towels
baby essentials

All About Baby Bath Towels

Out of a warm bath and into the softest, fluffiest baby bath towel.

Oh, the euphoria!

If you’re looking to create this blissful feeling for your little one, but not sure which way to go, this blog is dedicated to you - new or budding parents.

Don’t just buy the first luxury towel set you set your eyes upon, at a baby store, take your time to pick one that is truly the right fit.

After all, curating a bathing ritual that best suits your child can be a challenging task.

And, so, it’s better to be extra careful and ultra-prepared.

Here are a few things to help you make an informed decision.

Make the most of the material

When hunting for the perfect bath towel sets, let the material guide your buying journey. Explore a range of materials that are available to you, and opt for one that is conducive to sensitive baby skin. While Turkish Cotton and Egyptian Cotton may seem like the obvious choices for towels, we’re here to gently nudge you towards GOTS certified organic cotton - the safest and most sustainable option. Not only is this textile soft, lightweight and breathable, but it’s super absorbent too. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than you’d imagine. Ideal for infants and adults, the whole family really.

Say yes to a practical style

Baby bathroom towel sets should satisfy the criteria of ‘functional with a flair’. What we mean by this is that it should be designed to offer convenience and comfort, whilst looking oh-so cute. Greendigo towels come with adorable attached hoods, allowing additional protection to the head, for those trips from the bathroom to the changing table. Now, a mom can dry off her baby really quick and easily. The best part is, the hoods come in different colours and shapes, including animal themes.

Add ‘care’ to the cart

With several washes throughout the day, and multiple trips outdoors, you’ll want your baby bath towel to be easy-peasy to maintain. And that means, it shouldn’t take ages to dry off, nor should it be difficult to fold and/or stack. Similarly, it should be durable enough to withstand machine cycles (plus, for those times you want to pop it in the dryer). Greendigo’s thoughtfully designed organic cotton towels come with simple washing and drying instructions, which you can peruse at leisure on the FAQs section of our website.

In case you missed out on our previous blogs, here’s a little recap on why Greendigo bath towels lead to a healthy, happy and wholesome bathing experience.

  1. 100% natural and toxic-free
  2. Machine washable
  3. Absorbent, and comes with optimal dry time
  4. Soft to the touch – no itchy labels
  5. Hyper allogenic, preventing harmful substances from coming into contact with baby skin
  6. Practical features that go beyond the call of duty
  7. Eye-catching designs and prints

Our bath towels keep your baby warm, dry, safe, protected and secure.

So…. shop, stock and then let’s talk.

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