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Article: Because Every Mama Deserves a Beautiful Nursery

Because Every Mama Deserves a Beautiful Nursery
baby essentials

Because Every Mama Deserves a Beautiful Nursery

Are you in the throes of planning and designing your nursery space?

If yes, this light read pairs perfectly well with your morning beverage.

We’ve listed 4 essential nursery items to shop for, plus a few bonus tips from Greendigo experts.

Here’s what you need.

  1. Cot/Crib

The focal point of any nursery is the cot. It is, after all, where your little one will sleep soundly and dream peacefully. The cot serves as both, a functional feature and a design element. Not only does it offer comfort and familiarity, but it also looks chic while doing so. When setting up the nursery space, it’s important to narrow in on the right kind of cot. One that is not only safe and stylish, but sustainable too. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a high-quality and durable baby cot – material, mattress, safety rails, storage, zippers, side mesh, wheels. Once cot enabled, Greendigo’s baby bedding sets create magic. 

  1. Chair/Glider

A nursery would be incomplete without that dutiful chair/glider that offers a parent much needed shelter during those sleepless nights. When placed strategically by the cot, it enables the baby to be fed, rocked, and put to bed. Plus, it acts as a wonderful nursery accessory. You can either match the chair to the cot, for e.g., sticking to the pine wood family or opting for a similar colour palette, or you can look to create a contrast. Either way, here are a few types of chairs to explore – reclining, gliding, rocking. Make sure the chair is comfortable and offers reclining positions that suits your specific needs. Spruce it up with a cushion, that looks plump and pretty in our organic cotton cushion covers!

  1. Changing Table

The third C in Greendigo’s nursery essentials trio, is the changing table. We believe that it’s important to have a dedicated space for those frequent diaper and clothing changes. From traditional changing tables to convertible tables, and space saving tables, you can choose from a plethora of practical and cost-effective options. Think of aspects like material, weight, height, and storage, before making your decision. Greendigo’s super convenient and cute organisers help create the best changing station you could dream of! Our baby diaper organiser and baby book organiser can be placed on the table or strung from it, enabling ease and simplicity.

  1. Cupboard

A well-designed, sturdy, spacious wardrobe is a nursery item that cannot be substituted. This is because, a new baby comes with an endless number of supplies – clothes, shoes, diapers, toys, blankets, towels, swaddles bags etc. You’ll want a closet that is utility driven, as well as visually appealing. Keep your nursery tidy and trendy with a storage cabinet or chest of drawers. Greendigo’s baby organiser bag is multipurpose; it provides ample of storage space, and looks like a pretty wall hanging.

Here are a few other tips to creating a cheerful and vibrant nursery space:

  1. Paint the walls a soothing colour like powder blue or lemon yellow. You can even opt for a fun wallpaper that features the night sky or the underwater kingdom.
  1. Throw in a soft, fluffy rug. This is a great way to accentuate the space with cosy and calm elements.
  1. Invest in a wonderful crib mobile, which helps to induce sleep, and looks adorable.
  1. Ensure the lighting and temperature can be adjusted.
  1. Keep the room ventilated.

Write to us or send us pictures of your newly appointed nursery, we’d love to see!

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