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Article: The Big Welcome Home!

The Big Welcome Home!
baby essentials

The Big Welcome Home!

Your due date is just around the corner.

And you’re about to meet the single most important person in your life.

But before this little person arrives, you’ve got to get your home and routine ready.

What does this entail, exactly?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

This blog is aimed at guiding you through the all-important transition of ‘hospital to home’.

Follow these simple tips to ensure those first few weeks with your newborn is stress-free.

Set up the nursery

Have you carved out a special space for your baby, as yet? This could be part of your bedroom, or a separate room altogether. Once you have a dedicated area in mind, you must clear it out. Next, give it a thorough cleaning. Only then can you begin assembling the furniture and fixtures. From the cot to the changing table, dresser to the rocking chair, baby clothes to toys, there’s much to cover. The important thing is to get everything in order before the baby arrives. Read our blog on how to create a beautiful baby nursery for more details.

Baby-proof the house

A home poses a lot of safety hazards for a baby. And we’re not just referring to electric cords or sharp edges, we’re also talking about any ad hoc items lying about the place that can lead to choking or suffocation. It’s critical that you identify all the possible safety pitfalls in your home. Make sure to install cabinet locks, outlet and door handle covers, foam edge coverings, safety gates, anchors, and more. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Prepare meals in advance

The first few days after bringing your baby home can seem like a blur. You’re transitioning into motherhood, whilst running on little to no sleep. Day and night are slowly morphing into one another. During this time, it would be great to have kitchen duty off your plate. Hence, preparing a few dishes in advance will go a long way in ensuring that meal times are easy-breezy. 

Pack the hospital bag

While you can’t predict exactly when your water will break, you can be prepared for when it does. And that means, having your hospital bag packed and ready to go. Throw in a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries, all necessary medical documents, a book and/or game to pass the time, and of course, a cute first outfit for the little one. Check out Greendigo organic cotton onesies!

Plan your journey home

There’s no better time to service your vehicle than before your due date. Check to see if the car is running well, if the tires are good, and if there is enough fuel for the journey to and from. Additionally, invest in a good quality car seat and get it assembled safely and securely.

Arrange for a friend or family member to come help

Remember, you’re not expected to be Superwoman or Supermom. It’s always good to reach out for help. Have a member of your family or a close friend come over to assist you and your partner for a few weeks after the baby is born. This will help ease some of the pressure and also allow you to integrate into your new role smoothly. 

Greendigo wishes you a safe and healthy delivery.

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