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Article: The Ultimate Packing List for Your Baby’s First Trip

The Ultimate Packing List for Your Baby’s First Trip
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The Ultimate Packing List for Your Baby’s First Trip

That first trip is always exciting and nerve wracking.

You’ve gone from travelling as a carefree pair to a conscious trio.

And, naturally, travel looks a bit different. 

Spontaneity has been replaced by careful and precise planning.

And luxury is equivalent to ensuring minimal spills and having just a few more hours of sleep.

But that’s all part and parcel of holidaying with a baby.

It can be in equal parts rewarding and challenging.

To ensure your upcoming vacation is more serene than it is stressful, take a look at Greendigo’s ultimate packing list for babies.

We’ve bundled all the basics, so you don’t have to wrack your brain.

This way, you’ll always have what you need.

Closet Essentials

Clothes - Make sure to pack weather appropriately. For a humid climate, onesies are light and breathable. For colder locales, throw in a blanket, cap, and mittens.

Shoes – Booties are the way to go, as their super comfortable and protective. Always carry 2-3 extra pair of socks.

Accessories – Go in for multipurpose accessories that can be repeated and worn interchangeably.

Changing Supplies

Diapers – Try eco-friendly diapers. Check to see if there are reusable or adjustable tabs, for heightened convenience.

Wipes – Make sure your baby wipes are absorbent and hyper allogenic. 

Changing pads – Procure a few plastic or disposable changing pads to use while changing your baby’s diapers. 


Soap/Shampoo – Go in for a mild baby soap, along with sulphate free shampoo.

Lotion – Explore fragrance free and antiseptic lotions.

Oil – Pack organic and natural baby oils, to re-energise. 

Powder – Carry baby powder that is free of dyes, phthalates and parabens.

Sunscreen – Opt for a gentle, baby-friendly SPF.

Baby Gear

Car seat - Pick a lightweight, compact, portable style.

Stroller – Ensure your stroller can be easily assembled and reassembled. 

Sling – Pick a soft and durable sling, for when you want your hands free.

Other Essentials

Bib – Carry washable and disposable bibs. Make sure they are not too tight/restrictive.

Burp cloth – Pick organic cotton burp cloths that are not too big nor too small for your shoulder.

Pacifier – Go in for a pacifier that features a natural nipple-like shape and flexible face shield.

Bath and Bedding

Blanket – Carry 1-2 soft, organic cotton, blankets that are machine washable.

Pillow – Go in for dual cover baby pillows that are both, comfortable and waterproof.

Towel – Throw in 2-3 lightweight and absorbent towels like Greendigo hooded towels.

Sleep sack – Always have an organic cotton sleeping bag in handy.


Toys – Always carry bright and stimulating toys like stuffed animals, playdough, or Lego, to keep ‘em busy and distracted.

First Aid

Medicines – Carry medication for a cough, cold, fever and loose motions, along with antiseptic solution, cotton and bandages.

Nasal aspirator – Throw in an aspirator for when you need to clear a congested nose.

Now that you’ve got this detailed checklist with you, let your packing journey commence.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write to us!

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