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Article: Here’s Why You Should Fill Your Basket with Sustainable Apparel Brands

Here’s Why You Should Fill Your Basket with Sustainable Apparel Brands
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Here’s Why You Should Fill Your Basket with Sustainable Apparel Brands

“Switch to sustainable.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase before.

And for good reason too.

But what makes ‘sustainable’ the magic word of the hour?

In this blog, we demystify it.

We’ll tell you exactly why sustainable brands are the best investment you can make for your family.

In particular, we’ll go over the benefits of sustainable apparel brands for kids.

By substituting regular brands for sustainable, you’re…

Treating your baby to high-quality and safe apparel

Sustainable brands like that of Greendigo are made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton, unlike its conventional counterpart, is grown without the use of any fertilisers and/or pesticides. This makes it the safest material for soft, sensitive, supple baby skin. In fact, we sometimes refer to organic cotton as baby’s cotton because of its manifold benefits. It’s lightweight, breathable, absorbent and super comfortable. Which means, your little ones can truly grow into their own. Apart from happy and healthy skin, sustainable brands are also touted for their quality. Now, you don’t have to worry about losing a button or inadvertently creating a hole with multiple machine washes.

Championing authenticity 

Did you know, sustainable brands tick the ‘authentic’ box in more than one way? Apart from meeting the GOTS standard, these collections are also lauded for their unique designs and elements of personalisation. For instance, Greendigo focuses on empowering kids with clothing that lets them feel like themselves - nothing more, nothing less. Each garment is thoughtfully designed to encourage a child to play, explore, learn and grow, their way.

Supporting farmers and factory workers

One of the best things about a sustainable brand is the fact that it accounts for not just the planet, but the people too. What we mean by this is that the whole lifecycle is conscious, from manufacturing to transportation. So, it’s not just about natural raw materials and eco-friendly processes, it’s also about good working conditions and fair wages. Sustainable says, “everyone matters!” Hence, by supporting sustainable brands for children, you’re also lending your support to the farmers and factory workers.

Reducing your own carbon footprint 

You may not even have realised it, but shopping sustainably can create a domino effect of positive outcomes. Think about it. The fast fashion industry is responsible for tons of toxic emissions that pollute the air and water. In choosing to go with conscious apparel brands for kids, you are rallying against the negative environmental impact caused by the fashion industry, thereby reducing your own environmental foot print.

Doing your part to minimise wastage 

By virtue of switching to sustainable brands that prioritise quality and longevity, you are reducing your wastage, as well as the number of garments bought. What’s more, sustainable baby apparel brands like Greendigo champion season-friendly styles and multi-purpose designs (reversible) that can be smartly worn. In this manner, you can use the items of clothing interchangeably. 

So, there you have it.

Sustainable is smarter, safer, and sensitive towards you, your family, and the planet.

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