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Article: Share The Load, Spread The Love

Share The Load, Spread The Love
baby essentials

Share The Load, Spread The Love

As a mama, you’ve earned the title of “Heavy Lifting Champion”.

After all, you’ve carried your little nudger for 9 whole months - from bump to bundle of joy.

What’s more, after birth, it’s you who will provide the pick-me-up!

But want to know a secret?

It’s okay to share the load now.

In fact, it comes highly recommended.

Today, you’re in luck, because we’re dishing out tips on how to be balanced – if not equal – coparents.

Now, the breakdown of who does what will look a little different for every family.

While some entail stay-at-home moms, others come with house husbands.

You’re never going to manage a perfect 50-50 split.

No matter what the dynamic is, however, it’s good to take an active role in the care and upbringing of your child.

So, here’s what you can do to make this roller coaster of a ride a whole lot smoother.

Be honest with your partner

It’s important to be able to express your feelings about sharing the parental load. Good, honest communication is the foundation of healthy co-parenting. And the more transparent you are, the better the outcome. For mum, dad and baby.

Assess each other’s strengths and weaknesses

Couples should have am unfiltered chat about what they’re comfortable with, moreover, capable of. For instance, mums may be more equipped to handle bath time, while dads may be more inclined towards bed time. Make sure to be vocal about your preferences.

Learn the art of scheduling

The best way to keep calm is to put it in the calendar. That’s right, parents. Having a clear and organised schedule helps to ensure that both are on the same page about the what, when, how and where. Pro tip – set daily reminders on your smart phone.

Don’t micromanage

Adopt a mindset of letting go. Take a step back and trust that your partner has got things covered. Obsessing over tiny differences in parenting styles will lead you down the path of no return. Instead, try and focus your attention on more productive tasks such as coming up with nutritious yet healthy baby food recipes.

Reach out for help

Four hands may not be enough to tame that little wriggler. Especially when one or both of you are working jobs. So, when things get a little crazy, don’t be afraid to ask family or friends to step in. Additionally, you could hire a part time nanny.

Stop gender stereotyping

Once you’ve shed those gender biases, it’ll be so much easier to share the load. For instance, feeds don’t only have to be done by mum. You could pump out your breast milk and have dad bottle feed the baby.

Want to know the best way to navigate the work load once your baby is born?

Being open to learning as you go.

Sometimes trial and error results in the most practical of solutions.

And the only way to identify what works best for your household situation is to just get started.

These simple and helpful tips will get the ball rolling.

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