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Article: Organic cotton is your child’s new BFF

Organic cotton is your child’s new BFF

Organic cotton is your child’s new BFF

Dear organic cotton, you make the world a better place just by being in it.

Love, the sons and daughters of the Earth.

There has never been a friendship so loving or so pure as that of a child and his/her favourite outfit. Organic cotton could be that beloved item your little one just can’t let go of.

Here’s why.

Organic cotton is a true, authentic friend

Organic cotton is the ultimate companion for your little girl or boy. It’s real, honest, genuine, and will always have their back. Wondering how? Well, that’s because if it has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, it means 100% originality, along with socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout the supply chain. Yes, this textile comes with the biggest heart. Now, mamas will have peace of mind knowing that their kids are in the safest, most affectionate hands. Remember, you can verify the license number on the GOTS logo of your Greendigo garment. We ensure complete transparency!

Organic cotton gives the softest, warmest hugs

Nothing compares to a hug from your best friend. And that’s exactly what pure organic cotton clothing will feel like for your baby. The fabric is buttery, smooth and kind to tender skin. Its soft fibre has light, breathable properties. The GOTS certification means that there are no toxic chemicals present. This makes it safe for your child's delicate and sensitive skin, preventing allergies or break-outs. Did you know that the skin is most porous during early, developmental stages? For all these reasons and more, consider gifting your precious tots the wellbeing and protection of Greendigo’s comfortable, friendly garments!

Organic cotton keeps things breezy and easy

Yes, organic cotton is a valuable investment. No, it is not high maintenance. Surprised? Little explorers can seize the day, conquer, and play - organic cotton is a pretty laid-back mate. Mix and match tops with bottoms, or pick out a coordinated set, this fabric allows for creativity. All of Greendigo's garments are machine washable, so we’d recommend doing a cold wash on a gentle cycle. Apart from these golden rules, there’s not much that goes into the care of this textile. It’s an uncomplicated process, just like that easy, innocent friendship toddlers cultivate.

Organic cotton cheers for the planet and people

Picking out organic cotton clothing for your children is equivalent to introducing them to the world of sustainability at a young age. Organic cotton is a champion for the planet and its people. It is 100% certified, non-toxic, and skin-friendly. It empowers everyone, from the farmers to the factory workers. It is conscious, from seed to shelf. By bringing organic cotton apparel into your child’s life, you help on-board a new generation of sustainable superheroes. Think about it.

If you’d like to know more about organic cotton and Greendigo’s thoughtful practices, click on the sustainability tab on our website. 

Until then, why not fill your cart with some bright, beautiful silhouettes for your baby? Trust us, it’s the very best friends they’ll have!

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