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Article: Move Over IQ, Make Way for EQ

Move Over IQ, Make Way for EQ

Move Over IQ, Make Way for EQ

It’s natural for parents to be laser-focused on their children’s Intelligence Quotient levels. Have they perfected their ABCs and 123s? Will they pass fifth grade with flying colours? Is an Ivy League college on the cards?

In this flurry of excitement, however, they sometimes forget to place importance on their Emotional Quotient levels. Do they have self-awareness? Can they work well with people? When will they make a positive impact on society?

Greendigo’s solution: cultivate EQ as much as one would nurture IQ!

Here are four essential qualities that parents should look to imbibe in their children.

1. Kindness Over Rightness

When given the choice between being right or being kind, it’s important to teach your children to go with the latter. There will be many situations at home and in school that will put them to the test. But with a little practice and patience, they may learn how to tackle a problem with due consideration for other people’s feelings. In a world where kids can grow up to be anything, they should grow up to be kind. Sure, intelligence will get them far, but kindness will help them stay there.

2. Empathy All the Way

Did you know, empathy is the highest form of knowledge? It’s the ability to see with the eyes of another, listen with the ears of another, and feel with the heart of another. And it’s the greatest gift you can give your child. The affinity to express love, convey understanding, build connection, and unite purpose. Instilling this quality in your kids early on, will help them evolve into compassionate and well-rounded human beings. Ones who will excel in their personal as well as professional lives. I’m sure you know; leadership and empathy go hand in hand.

3. Sharing is Caring

Whether it’s a toy, a snack, a story, or a hug – generosity is the essence of any good childhood. And it’s up to parents to nurture this beautiful habit from a young age itself. After all, teaching children to share is teaching them about compassion and love. But there are so many more learnings too. For one, kids learn how to be grateful for what they have. Secondly, they learn the importance of helping someone who is not as privileged. Thirdly, they learn that there is joy in enjoying something together.

4. Communication is Key

If kindness, empathy, and generosity are the flowers, communication is the soil in which it grows. Yes, it’s the foundation! And it needs to be watered ever so often. How? With trust, respect and understanding. By creating an open channel for communication, you build a bridge between confusion and clarity. A safe space for dialogue and discussion. A platform where you can create awareness and break stereotypes. So, start growing that parent-child relationship, today.

Remember, the best way to teach is by setting an example.

Your children will emulate your actions; make sure to give them something good to follow.

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