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Article: Little hands can create a large impact!

Little hands can create a large impact!
climate action

Little hands can create a large impact!

“Mummy, what’s climate change?”
If you haven’t been asked this question as yet, be an early bird, and get a head start on this conversation! Here’s how you can broach the topic of climate change in a fun and healthy manner.
Use infographics to break down facts
Kids are incredibly visual beings by nature. And hence, more receptive to images and photographs. Rather than boring them with stuffy facts on greenhouse gases and the like, why not use cheerful infographics to communicate important information about climate change? This way, they are more likely to absorb the learnings. Studies indicate that colour visuals increase willingness to read by 80%, while pictures with text increase comprehension by 95%. Additionally, kids follow directions with visuals 323% times better than ones with merely text. Approach this lesson with a truckload of imagery, and you won’t be sorry.
Read short stories together
Storytelling is the most affective way to get your point across and in the intended manner. There is a world of amazing literature out there, especially aimed at educating children about climate change. So, substitute classic bed time stories for some of these tales, just for a night or two? These characters introduce young ones to the problem of global warming and climate change, while showing them simple ways to help. The best part is, they inform and empower, without making them feel helpless. One of our favourites is “The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge” by Joanna Cole.
Convert waste into beautiful art
There’s nothing like creative crafts to boost imagination and learning. What better way to teach your child about global warming than planning an interesting recycling project? Scout the house for old bottles and cardboard boxes, shoe laces and buttons. There are several things you could create with these waste items - a wall hanging, a mini garden, a pencil holder – sky is the limit. While their hands are busy, you could casually narrate how recycling helps to reduce solid waste and curb water and air pollution.
Encourage letter writing
Your little one has a mind of his/her own. How wonderful would it be to nurture that? To help them develop a voice? When it comes to advocating about the environment, a little rallying does a world of good. Use the art of letter writing to get your tots thinking about climate change. Ask them to write a letter to a local politician, maybe a community or society leader, with their plans on how to tackle the issue. Perhaps they will write about organising a tree planting workshop, a waste drive, a composting project, or even a solar/wind generating activity.
At Greendigo, our aim is to inspire your children to embrace their unique spirits. To be fearless and bold. Compassionate and confident. With every garment we make, we take one stride forward in the right direction!

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