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Article: Organic Cotton, A Summer Season Companion

Organic Cotton, A Summer Season Companion

Organic Cotton, A Summer Season Companion

Woven with love, for the children of summer.

Organic cotton is a parent’s secret formula for navigating the warmer months.

And while this earth-friendly textile is great for your kids all year round, here’s why it is a summer season must-have.

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Comfort meets wellbeing

Organic cotton is soft and feather-light, making it the most comfortable choice for sensitive baby skin. Not only is this textile gentle, but it’s also ultra-safe. Greendigo’s GOTS-certified organic cotton is approved by mom and Mother Earth. Pamper your baby with clothing that feels summer fresh and oh-so-good.

Breathable equals empowering

A key feature of baby apparel is breathability. And during those hot and humid summer months, this criterion is all the more important. Greendigo’s organic cotton onesies, tops, bottoms, and frocks help regulate a baby’s body temperature by enabling healthy and free airflow. This reduces the chances of overheating and keeps the little one content throughout the day.

Absorbent enables freedom

Summer is warm and sticky. It’s also that time of the year when infants and toddlers sweat the most. This is why, organic cotton clothing is a great way to counterbalance the climate and keep the little one cool. Since cotton is a natural fibre, it wicks away moisture rather than repelling it. Now your child can play easily and comfortably.

Hypoallergenic aka peace of mind

Organic cotton, by definition, is free of harmful fertilisers and pesticides. This means, it cannot cause allergic reactions in your baby. Did you know that Greendigo uses non-toxic dyes and colours suitable for a child’s precious skin? Ideal for the summer season, our thoughtful garments enable peace of mind for parents.

Machine washable spells convenience

Organic cotton accounts for all those spills and messes, which are integral to summer with a baby. Garments made from this natural cloth are machine-friendly, so you never have to worry about laundry and care. We’re busting the myth that sustainable kids’ clothing has to be high maintenance. In contrast, it’s a pretty sweet and convenient choice.

Durable is long-lasting

The wear and tear of the summer is met with the quality of organic cotton clothing. Greendigo garments encourage kids to have great, big summer adventures - be it on the play mat or park bench. Practical designs and functional features ensure that your child can climb, crawl, and explore with ease.   

Keep it simple, safe, stylish, and sustainable with organic cotton clothing for children.

Summer is incomplete without this wardrobe necessity.

We have fun and cheerful collections that will suit every personality type, from fashionable princesses to suave princes.

Explore “Love fall Most of All”, “Wish Upon a Rainbow”, or “Jungle Safari”.

And if you wish to spread the message of the benefits of organic cotton, why not invest in our “Seed to Skin” collection?

We’re certain that you will find everything that you need for an unforgettable summer with your family.

Plus, you’re helping make this planet a better place.

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