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Article: A Breezy Summer Checklist for Newborns | Keep Those Bottoms Cool, As a Rule!

A Breezy Summer Checklist for Newborns | Keep Those Bottoms Cool, As a Rule!

A Breezy Summer Checklist for Newborns | Keep Those Bottoms Cool, As a Rule!

Say goodbye to the sweaty, and embrace only the sweet (and stylish) aspects of summer.

When the weather is warm, we recommend turning to Greendigo’s handy checklist for all things summer haul.

Here’s what you’ll need for the big, welcome home.

  1. Onesie - Light, breathable, organic cotton onesies make for the perfect summer attire. Explore our selection of sleeveless / half-sleeve onesies that come with snap buttons for quick and easy diaper changes. The tropical prints stay true to the theme.
  1. T-shirt - Soft, comfortable organic cotton tees are just what a summer baby needs. Greendigo’s half-sleeved pack of t-shirts feature envelope neck lines, plus the most cheerful colours and prints.
  1. Shorts - For happy and carefree bottoms, a pair of shorts from Greendigo is the way to go. Pair it with a fun t-shirt and create a summer-safe and stylish look for your newborn baby.
  1. Frock - Designed to ensure comfort and convenience for the warmer months, our range of dresses sport features like shoulder ties and button closures. Say yes to super-cute and summery.
  1. Sandals – Open footwear, or no footwear at all, will help keep your infant content and cool. Peruse styles like slip-ons and crocs for the best summer match.
  1. Swimsuit - Your summer checklist would be incomplete without a full-coverage baby swimsuit that is comfortable, durable, well fitting, and skin-friendly. Here’s to that first splash!
  1. Sun Hat - Opt for a newborn sun hat or cap made from organic cotton, with useful features like a tie-up knot and elastic band. Protection from the sun should be your primary concern.
  1. Sunglasses - Shield your little one’s eyes from UV rays with a pair of comfortable newborn baby glares. It’s stylish, it’s sun safe, it’s picture-worthy…
  1. Sunscreen - For babies who are above the 6-month age range, a hypoallergenic sunblock with SPF 50, is effective in preventing sunburn. Keep in mind that this should only be a secondary preventative measure.
  1. Car Shade - To help protect your little one from harmful UV rays, make sure to put up a car shade that will effectively block the sunlight from your windows. Car seat covers also work like magic.
  1. Stroller Cover - Summer is synonymous with trips to the park. Install a UV protective stroller cover to ensure those day-time sojourns are safe and comfortable.
  1. Nursing Cover - A light, airy, organic cotton nursing cover is ideal for when your baby requires an outdoor feed. From creating a barrier of privacy, to escaping from the sun, it’s multipurpose.
  1. Outdoor Blanket - Summer picnics with mama and baby are made possible with buttery-soft, earth-friendly blankets by Greendigo. The best part is, they’re machine washable. So, spill at your will!
  1. Organiser Bag - Summer can be one hot mess without a handy organiser bag that is capable of storing all those loose, everyday items. Check out Greendigo’s summer inspired pieces.

Here’s to the summer babies, the ones with the brightest dispositions, who bring sunshine to their parents’ lives.

Disclaimer – This is a generic checklist and may change based on where you live. Feel free to tweak it.

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