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Article: Be Summer Ready, Baby

Be Summer Ready, Baby

Be Summer Ready, Baby

7 Breezy Tips for Keeping Your Little One Cool and Comfy

Summer does not always play out the way social media portrays it to.

Sometimes it can be a season of misadventures, especially when you’ve got an infant or toddler to care for.

From dehydration to overheating, rash to mosquito bites, there’s a lot that can go terribly wrong.

And it doesn’t help when parents are exhausted and overworked themselves.

Here are 7 essential summer care baby tips to help you navigate summer.

Pick light, breathable clothes

What’s the first rule to beat the summer heat? Greendigo mamas, you already know the answer. So, go forth and explore the amazing world of organic cotton apparel. Dress your baby in clothing that feels feather-light, allows the skin to breathe, and moves according to their pace.

Up their fluid intake

Heat and humidity are a package deal during the summer. Luckily, you can tackle this climate challenge by making sure your child stays hydrated throughout the day. Turn to breastmilk or formula to keep them nourished. Wait till they are at least 6 months of age to start them on water. Don’t forget to monitor their urine output and check for signs of dehydration.

Limit outdoor time

While a trip to the park is an important part of your baby’s daily social calendar, keep this to a minimum during the unforgiving summer months. Bear in mind, the sun’s rays are the harshest between 10 am and 2 pm. If you must step outside, do so during the mornings and evenings and take precautions by appointing a stroller cover, car shade, and mosquito patch.

Ventilate and shade the nursery

The temperature and tunings in your baby’s room are critical aspects of riding the summer comfortably and safely. Make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated so that the air doesn’t feel stuffy. Control the amount of natural light that comes in, so that your baby doesn’t overheat.

Apply a cold compress

When it seems like your baby is at risk of overheating, during those hot and sticky summer afternoons, you can use a damp washcloth on their skin. Run the cloth under cold water, gently dab your baby’s forehead, and repeat the action until they cool down.

Schedule nappy-free time

Shed the excess. Give your baby’s cute little rear end the freedom to breathe by implementing nappy-free afternoons. Take off the diaper for a few hours each day and let your baby’s bottom air out. Less is more during summer.

Turn to home remedies for heat rash

One of our favourites is oh-so-sweet smelling. It’s an age-old beauty secret that works wonders on baby skin. All you have to do is mix sandalwood powder with rose water until it turns to a paste. Smear the mixture over the afflicted areas on your baby’s skin.

Summer is equal parts fun and challenging.

But when it comes to keeping your baby comfortable and safe, there are no shortcuts.

Prioritise rest, chase the shade and settle on organic cotton apparel for babies by Greendigo

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