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Article: Keep Calm and Co-parent On…

Keep Calm and Co-parent On…

Keep Calm and Co-parent On…

Co-parenting can be hard.

But if navigated properly, it can lead to a beautiful outcome, one where all members of the family are fulfilled and happy.

The trick, according to Greendigo, is to ALWAYS put the child first.

Think of us as your support system, as you usher along the journey of co-parenting.

But first, what is co-parenting?

Co-parenting is an engagement undertaken by a set of parents who are either divorced or separated, but share equal responsibility of their children.

In essence, raising a child together without being romantically involved.

A co-parent relationship differs from that of an intimate one between two adults, as it focuses solely on the child.

Together, they manage the socialisation, care, and upbringing.

What does it mean to be a good co-parent?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to being a good co-parent, it generally entails making healthy and productive decisions for the betterment of the child.

Here are 6 tips, from Greendigo experts, to help ease and simplify this journey.

You can even add your own to this list, to make it more specialised to your family’s needs.

Tip 1: Do some self-reflection and work on healing from your past wounds. The happier you are with yourself, the easier it is to co-parent with full conviction.  

Tip 2: Cultivate open and honest communication channels. When you work things out as a team, you are likely to arrive at the best possible solution for your children.

Tip 3: Set clear parenting boundaries, so that there is no confusion or misunderstandings regarding each one’s purpose. Focus on what’s in your control, instead of what’s not.

Tip 4: Plan, plan, plan! Create a schedule that clearly states responsibilities, roles and routines. Organisation is key.

Tip 5: Learn to also be flexible. Be as accommodating with your co-parent, as you’d like them to be with you. Remember, no one is perfect.

Tip 6: Make important decisions together - whether it’s to do with the clothes they wear, or the food they eat. Prioritise wellness above all else. 

Organic cotton, a co-parent’s secret formula

Like with any other relationship, co-parenting is built on mutual trust and respect.

When co-parents are aligned in thoughts and actions, children have a healthier and happier future ahead of them.

A very integral part of ensuring the wellbeing of a child is making conscious decisions about their lifestyle.

And what could be a more important than picking the right kind of baby products, be it clothing, bedding or bath-related?

When it comes to procuring the highest quality baby products, organic cotton is a co-parent’s easiest decision!

Greendigo’s organic cotton apparel is soft, lightweight, breathable, durable and hyper allogenic.

Each product, be it a side snap bodysuit or a hooded towel, is accessible and easy to maintain.

For co-parents, convenience and functionality is vital.

Greendigo organic clothing ticks all these boxes, empowering co-parents to curate the healthiest lifestyle for their children.

Explore our custom newborn side snap onesies, tops, frocks, tights, joggers, and sets, to kickstart your co-parenting journey!




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