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Article: Clothes That Dare to Care

Clothes That Dare to Care
ethical production

Clothes That Dare to Care

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it creates hunger and unhappiness.”

Almost a century ago, Mahatma Gandhi spoke the words that resonated with so many, yet impacted so few.

Today, this thought couldn’t ring any truer!

In the present pandemic-ridden world, where fashion and lifestyle choices are adversely impacting the environment, sustainability isn’t just a bandwagon for trendy consumers to climb atop, but a conscious and careful decision to uphold the integrity of the planet and its communities.

The next time you pick up your favourite pair of jeans to match with that crisp-white-shirt, try considering its backstory…The item has journeyed from the farm, to the factory, to the warehouse, to the store, to your doorstep. It has grown from seed to yarn. It has been ironed and folded, packed and numbered, transported and dropped.

But what about the many hands that made it possible for you to add this to your cart or pick it up from a shelf? Were they paid fair wages or given conducive conditions to work in? What about the soil in which the seeds were sown into? Were any fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides added into the mix? The packaging material. Was it recyclable and biodegradable? The transportation. Was it eco-friendly?

Enter, fashion with a green heart and soul!

Sustainable fashion concerns itself with more than just textiles and garments. It addresses the whole fashion system. One that governs social, cultural, ecological, and financial systems.

In essence, the process of blending ethics with aesthetics.

Followers of this movement believe that the fashion industry has an opportunity to act differently, pursuing profit and growth, whilst also creating and preserving value for future generations.

With global warming at an all-time-high, and wastage becoming a norm rather than an exception, the time to build a sustainable fashion system was frankly, yesterday.

As a manufacturing hub, India must navigate the challenges of over production - from pollution of water resources, to emission of greenhouse gases, to textile wastage, and ill treatment of labourers.

Luckily, sustainable fashion believes that looking and feeling good shouldn’t have to cost the earth or its earthlings.

Weaving for a cause

Did you know…?

You can conquer the world of fashion, all while leaving the tiniest carbon footprint on the planet. You can support organic brands, without having to adjust your monthly budgets. You can be in-vogue and have a voice too.

Being successful and being sustainable are not mutually exclusive things!

And it’s time we all realise that instead of looking for quality in the clothes we purchase, we should advocate for quality-of-life for the people who make them.

Greendigo has a dream

We aspire to make sustainable clothing the new normal.

Our GOTS certification ensures that every garment is completely organic, right from the sowing and harvesting techniques, to the factory conditions, to the packaging processes, to the transportation, to the final goody bag you see at your front door.

Our soft, breathable garments for kids come in bright colours and fun designs, built for the carefree, little soul. So that, he/she can play, explore, learn, create – all while wearing safe and comfortable clothes.

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