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Article: Essentials for Expecting Mums: Be Stylish, Sensible and Sustainable

Essentials for Expecting Mums: Be Stylish, Sensible and Sustainable
baby essentials

Essentials for Expecting Mums: Be Stylish, Sensible and Sustainable

Are you or your loved one expecting?

If yes, this blog will serve up some major goals.

We’ve listed 4 must-have products (some sets, some standalones) by Greendigo that make for delightful gifts for new and budding mums.

Each one is fashionable and serves a function.

Read on to get some Inspo!

Serene Cot Set

Designed to give babies the sweetest sleep, and mamas – the ultimate peace of mind, this is one of our top-recommended gifts for pregnant women. A cot set features all the nursery essentials for newborns, thoughtfully curated into a hamper of convenience and ever-lasting cheer. Take Greendigo’s Spotty Dotty Baby Cot Set for example. It comes with 2 flat bed sheets, 2 baby pillow covers (1 pillow filler included), 2 multipurpose swaddle / burp cloths, 1 reversible blanket, and 1 shape cushion. Made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, which is super easy to care for, this newborn gift set is what dreams are made of. Plus, the giraffe print will imprint on your heart!

Handy Organiser

There is nothing more calming than an organised nursery. Which is why, we place baby organisers at the top of our list of must-have items for expecting mums. This gift allows you to declutter your space and amp up the zen factor. Explore Greendigo’s multipurpose bags, made out of pure organic cotton. With tons of practical features, including front pockets and tie-on loops, this product lets you store and access all your baby’s everyday items in an orderly fashion. Hang ‘em anywhere you like, whether it’s a baby diaper organiser, baby book organiser, baby bag organiser or baby toy organiser.

Plush Lounge Robe

As its name suggests, this spa like product is meant to induce a feeling of relaxation and calm – something every new mum deserves. Greendigo’s soft, breathable, organic cotton robes wrap luxuriously around the skin. They’re cosy, comfortable and oh-so chic. Plus, they are unisex and can be easily worn by babies and parents. Twin with your newborn baby and your partner, in beautiful matching robes. One of our favourites is the Rainbow Lounge Robe that comes in a free style. Front patch pockets, side loops, and an adjustable fabric belt, means you can look pretty without having to worry about practicality.

Cosy Knit Throw 

Here’s why a delicate throw can be the perfect present for a pregnant woman. Not only does this sophisticated drape work wonderfully well to keep the body warm, it also adds an elegant touch to the bedroom and living room. Ideal for when you’re snuggling up on the couch, sipping on a hot beverage, with a baby book in hand. Greendigo’s buttery soft throws are woven with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They come in exquisite shades like ecru and ombre, offering a luxurious and lightweight layer for every season. If you like what you see, check out our waffle blankets. We have a knack for knit.

Greendigo’s gifts for new moms are stylish, practical, and loving towards the planet.

To get your hands on these fabulous products (and a whole lot more), visit our virtual store.

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