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Article: Glow Up with Greendigo’s Post Pregnancy Wellness Plan

Glow Up with Greendigo’s Post Pregnancy Wellness Plan
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Glow Up with Greendigo’s Post Pregnancy Wellness Plan

During the happiest time of your life, don’t let your health take a backseat. 

You may find that it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to have me-time after the baby is born, you’re not alone; most new moms feel the same…

But there’s no shame!

Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you be expected to give the very best to your child?

Being the healthiest version of you, is in the best interest of the whole family.

So, what can you do to keep tabs on your health and wellbeing post pregnancy?

Here are a few reminders to help give you the ‘glow’ you deserve.

Follow these like daily affirmations.

Embrace the change wholeheartedly

Being your best self means having total acceptance of the situation. Motherhood has a profound effect on the body, from weight gain to hair loss and everything in between. It also affects your mental and emotional make-up. Without truly accepting the change, you could risk feeling annoyed or depressed, which directly impacts your baby’s health. 

Steer clear of unrealistic expectations

No, you are not Superwoman. It’s important to acknowledge your limitations. For instance, being unable to lift heavy objects. Or, forgetting to meet social commitments. In order to rid yourself of this unwanted pressure, set realistic goals. Understand that there is a time and place for everything. Letting go can be cathartic, you’ll see.

Build a strong support system

You know what they say, put your ego on the shelf and ask for help. Reach out to your partner, parent, friend, or fellow mom from a support group. Having people in your life that you can count on is imperative. For instance, your mother could step in to bathe and massage the baby, while your spouse could do the heavy lifting for the nursery. 

Work on your physical fitness

Did you know, your body will have exhausted many of its vital nutrients post-delivery? Yes, you need to start rebuilding those reserves. Make sure your diet is wholesome and nutritious, consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and proteins. Exercise by taking walks or practicing yoga. Also, remember to squeeze in a nap.

Prioritise mental health

The hormonal changes post pregnancy can be unexpected and pretty overwhelming. One minute, you’re ecstatic, the next minute you’re practically breaking down. Breathe, it’s natural! You will regain control of your emotions in a couple of weeks to a month. In the meantime, talk to someone. Confide, share, release.

Rest and repeat 

Sleep is the best medicine there is. And it works wonders to organically heal the body from pain and discomfort. Take breaks every now and then, while you entrust the care of your little one to a close relative. The more you rest, the stronger you’ll get. The first few weeks are hard as it is, without you having to be a zombie!

Motherhood demands a lot of energy, time, attention, focus, patience and determination.

And very often, in the midst of caring for the baby, mothers often forget themselves.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

At Greendigo, we always look to a holistic approach.

In tending to your own needs – physical, mental or emotional – you can navigate motherhood far better.

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