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Article: Helping a Nursing Mom | A Dad’s Guide to Navigating Breastfeeding

Helping a Nursing Mom | A Dad’s Guide to Navigating Breastfeeding
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Helping a Nursing Mom | A Dad’s Guide to Navigating Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an incredibly intimate experience, one that forms a special bond between mother and child.

But the journey can be overwhelming and demanding, fraught with many uncertainties such as poor milk supply and plugged milk ducts.

While some moms take to breastfeeding quite naturally, others struggle to cope with the new feelings and sensations (the important thing to remember is that this is all part and parcel of the process).

So, having a good support system is something that moms really need and DESERVE.

Dear dads, this is an opportunity for you to be in the loop!

There’s room for one more in the inner circle.

And even though you won’t be producing milk, feeding or pumping, there are active steps you can take to make things that much easier for your baby mama.

We’ve outlined 6.

Follow these simple, thoughtful steps curated by Team Greendigo.

Learn all about breastfeeding 

Milk those books! If you have all the facts, she doesn’t have to keep explaining things to you. You can also deal with any challenges that come along the way for e.g., lack of milk supply. A few things to be aware of are positioning, latching, and hunger cues.

Make sure she’s comfortable

From supporting her back, to offering her water and snacks, be her very own BA - Breastfeeding Aid. Nursing can be very physically draining task, so it’s important for her to stay hydrated, fed, comfortable and secure. 

Burp the baby 

Burping your baby can be a wonderful way to help pick up the slack with the feeding process. Plus, you get to form your own special bond with the bub! Be ready to take the child after a feed, so that you may give her arms a break. 

Keep her company 

Make sure your partner knows that you’re in it together. This could mean waking up with her for night feeds (whenever you can), or simply being by her side during the feed. Help break the monotony of nursing and prevent loneliness from setting in.

Give her a much-needed break

Encourage her to pump out the excess milk. This way, you can bottle feed your baby. It will allow for a couple of breaks in between the hectic nursing routine. 

Treat her to a massage

Breastfeeding can lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain. To add to this, producing and sustaining a milk supply requires a lot of effort and energy on her part. A good massage will, therefore, help relieve the tension and stress your partner could be dealing with. 

Bear in mind, every mother-child dynamic is different.

So, always be kind and non-judgemental. 

Keep Greendigo’s guide with you as an everyday reminder, as your partner needs an abundance of love and support during this time. 

What’s more, don’t be afraid to ask her what she wants. 

After all, you’re not a mind reader!

Breastfeeding can seem like second nature, but it’s also a skill that can be nurtured.

Be prepared, and be willing to learn.

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