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Article: Getting Your Bub Off The Breast And Onto The Bottle

Getting Your Bub Off The Breast And Onto The Bottle

Getting Your Bub Off The Breast And Onto The Bottle

Looking to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding?

Wondering how to get your infant used to formula?

Wish to supplement part of your newborn’s diet with baby food?

Whatever your motivation may be, we hear you.

After the first couple of months of nursing, it can be challenging to bring about this change.

Here are seven ways to make the transition.

Decrease feedings gradually

Take things one step at a time. It never does any good to rush, mamas. So, let your little one ween off the breast at their own pace. The best way to go about this is to decrease the feed by one each day. So, for instance, from six feeds to five and so on.

Have a pump ready to go

Of course, it takes time for your breasts to stop producing milk. For those moments when you’re feeling full and heavy, pump off the top. This will provide immediate relief. Remember, you don’t want to pump too much either, as that will be sending mixed signals to your body.

Express breastmilk into a bottle

It’s not easy to get your baby to make the switch. After all, breastfeeding is second nature to a newborn. To encourage the bub to latch on to the bottle, start by putting breast milk in it. Once they get used to feeding from a bottle, you can replace the milk with formula.

Find the right milk bottle

It’s all about that baby-bottle fit. Greendigo recommends going in for a plastic-free, non-toxic bottle. You can explore sustainable options made out of glass or stainless-steel. Make sure it’s durable, washable and lightweight.

Look for signs of readiness

Let your little one guide the journey from breast to bottle. Give them the freedom to stop and restart as they desire. By doing so, you’re allowing them to find similarities between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Don’t forget to observe their body language (behaviour and movement) for cues.

Give your baby a sample of formula

Allow your baby an adjustment period. This is critical to a successful and safe transition. The last thing you need is them spitting up or gagging. So, start by mixing the formula with some breastmilk. Some babies will gravitate towards it instantly, while others may require further coaxing.

Make the switch

Finally, substitute breastfeeding for bottle feeding. The smartest way to go about this is striking when the iron is hot aka when your baby is hungry. During these moments, your baby is unlikely to make a fuss as they have no other option. Like we say, be a smooth operator!

From generating poor milk supply, to having to get onto a course of medication, to getting ready to head back to work, there are a number of reasons why a mama may need to make this decision.

Suffice to say, Greendigo supports you, and is here to make your motherhood journey simpler, safer, smarter and more sustainable.

Good luck!

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