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Article: Your Safety Raft for That First Week with A Newborn

Your Safety Raft for That First Week with A Newborn
baby essentials

Your Safety Raft for That First Week with A Newborn

Are you preparing to welcome a baby into your family?

Your little nudger is on their way out, and very soon, it’s about to be a full house.

Naturally, the pocket of time that leads up to the hospital trip can be one of intense emotion.

The excitement (and uncertainty) is real!

You’re wondering how to adjust to life with a perpetual plus one.

You’re hoping and praying that the homecoming is simple and stress-free.

And it has every reason to be, that is, if you know what to expect. 

If you’re a new mama, then look to Greendigo’s blog as an informative guide to navigating that first week.

Because, let us tell you, those seven days can feel like a never-ending roller-coaster ride.

In our previous short read, titled “The Big Welcome Home”, we gave you six tips to ease your baby’s transition from womb to world.

This post talks specifically of the initial period, so use both as a reference for your early days of motherhood.

Survival looks a little something like this…

Learn to swaddle your baby

Swaddling is a proven and effective technique for keeping your newborn baby safe, secure, comfortable and blissfully content. Use an organic cotton wrap to recreate that warm and fuzzy feeling of being in the womb.

Get comfortable with breastfeeding

Make the act of nursing as comfortable and convenient as possible by creating a conducive environment. Turn to cushions for support. Wear a good nursing bra. Heed the advice of a lactation consultant for the first few days.

Breastfeed whenever your baby shows signs of hunger

Don’t limit nor restrict the number of feeds, rather, let your baby determine how much they wish to consume. By allowing this freedom, your newborn will be left feeling comforted and reassured, and your body will know exactly how much milk to produce.

Sleep whenever you can

While most experts advice mamas to sleep when the baby is sleeping, instead, take advantage of whatever time presents itself to you. This could mean, napping when your newborn is safely tucked in the arms of your partner or being cradled by your family or friends.

Give your baby a good old sponge bath

Once you bring your newborn home, you can give them a soothing sponge bath. Make sure to clean their head, body and diaper area in a gentle yet firm manner. This is the safest way to bathe your infant until their umbilical cord falls off.

Organise baby supplies for quick and easy reach

Greendigo recommends storing the essential items in multiple areas of your home –bedroom, baby’s room, living room. By having these products well within your reach, you’re conserving time, energy and oodles of patience.

Lay the groundwork for a routine

Observe your baby’s eating and sleeping patterns. You can use a baby app or journal to track things. Establish a basic routine that works well for you and your partner. This will help make the first few days more manageable.

Remember, there will be highs and lows.

But motherhood is one of the most resilient and adaptable human states.

Plus, you’ve got Greendigo’s safety raft!

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