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Article: Don’t Make a Rash Decision, Choose Rash-Free Baby Apparel!

Don’t Make a Rash Decision, Choose Rash-Free Baby Apparel!

Don’t Make a Rash Decision, Choose Rash-Free Baby Apparel!

Your newborn baby’s skin is precious, oh-so gentle and fragile.

Their immune systems are only just developing, making them extra sensitive and susceptible to multiple sources of irritation.

Rash is one of the most common and consistent irritations that can occur all over an infant’s body - face, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, bottom, and skin folds.

But don’t be alarmed, rash is easily preventable and treatable.

Wondering what causes baby rash?

Rash can be caused by a plethora of things namely heat, allergies, friction, dampness, chemicals, fragrances and fabrics.

As such, parents must be very careful and conscious in selecting the right kinds of materials for their newborn baby clothes.

Ask yourselves this, “is my baby’s clothing really safe?”.

From the swaddle wrap to the onesie, every garment in your baby’s closet should be vetted first.

Here’s how you can ensure your baby’s apparel is safe, secure, conducive, and rash-proof.

Explore all-natural fibres

It’s quite simple, really. Natural equals safe. Natural equals wholesome. Natural equals quality. Natural equals peace of mind. When it comes to the health and safety of your little one, there’s no other way to go. So, say no to synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and rayon. By opting for naturally grown textiles such as organic cotton, industrial hemp, bamboo or wool, you’re ensuring your baby’s skin gets the quality treatment it needs and deserves. Which means, no itchiness, no burning, and no rash.

Narrow in on organic cotton

The BEST natural fabric for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin is organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds, and hence, there is no use of pesticides, fertilisers or other harmful chemicals in its making. This wonderful material comes with dual benefits. For instance, it keeps the baby warm whilst allowing the baby ample room to breathe. It’s feather light on the baby’s skin, yet durable enough to withstand multiple machine washes. It allows for easy stretching and comfortable movement. What’s more, organic cotton is insulated, non-flammable and hyper allogenic. With all these criteria ticked off, this is the smartest and most sustainable decision you could make as a parent.

Shop Greendigo organic cotton baby apparel

No need to brood over which brand to pick. We’re simplifying your decision-making process for you. If you have concerns over the safety and security of your baby’s clothing, consider switching to organic cotton baby apparel by Greendigo. Each of our garments are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which you can verify on the material itself and from the certificate of authenticity. Our apparel looks amazing and feels even better, making sure your baby is cosy, comfortable and rash-free. We also don’t use any toxic colours, and are completely label-free, so your child is in the best hands. What’s more, all our processes are ethical and environmentally friendly. So, you know your consumption is not negatively impacting the planet.

From cotton swaddle wraps to onesies, hooded towels to blankets, bed sheets to pillow covers, Greendigo baby products are designed for healthy and happy skin.

Looking for a cheerful swaddle wrap for newborn, or a vibrant cot set?

Discover our fun and imaginative collections that empower the skin.

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