Playing For a Crowd of One - Simple Ways to Entertain Your Infant

“When should I start playing with my baby?”

“What does playtime look like?”

“Will my baby respond to stimuli?”

“How do I keep my baby entertained?”

From the very first moment you embrace your baby, you are, in some way, engaging their five senses.

But as they mature from infancy to toddlerhood, it can seem quite challenging to hold their attention.

Here are a few secrets, from one mama to another, to keep your baby happy and entertained for a long period of time.


One of the most effective ways to get your baby’s attention is by talking. Say something, pause, and then wait for a response. You’ll be surprised at just how much your baby has to say through body language. Play around with voice modulation to get ‘em really excited. As you speak, observe your baby’s facial expressions, sounds and movements.


You don’t have to have the perfect voice to make your baby smile. If it’s coming from mama, baby is definitely on board! Sing a song or recite a nursery rhyme. While you do so, engage in a little physical contact such as holding onto the little fingers, patting the forehead, or popping the nose. 

Whirl and twirl

You must know, babies find movement extremely soothing and reassuring. So, hold your little one close and move with them. Sway, twirl and bounce. Cradle and rock. Move and groove. Don’t forget to put on some fun tunes, and of course, ask dad to join in. Who doesn’t love a dance routine?

Funny Faces

Making silly, goofy facial expressions is a fool-proof way to entertain your newborn. Open your eyes wide, crinkle your nose, wiggle your ears, work that pout, and voila, your baby is rollicking with laughter! Add funny sounds to the mix and you’ve got yourself a very, very amused baby.

Tickle Time 

All hail the tickle monster! This method never fails to work its charm. Plus, it’s ridiculously fun. Lay your baby flat on the back and gently tickle from the bottom of their feet to the top of their head. 


You can never go wrong with this quintessentially happy baby game. It’s a great distraction, especially when you’re trying to get them to eat. Cover your face with your hands, a cushion or stuffed toy. Pause, dramatically unveil your face, and exclaim “Peek-A-Boo!”

Toys and Things

Provide your bundle of joy with that much needed stimulation by offering him/her an object to play with. Whether it’s a colourful block, a noisy rattle, or even a plastic cup from the kitchen, allow your baby to get a feel of it. Between 3 and 6 months, babies love grabbing things.


Take your baby on a multi-sensorial adventure across the house. They will instantly be captivated and curious. Switch one a lamp, and let them witness the magic of light. Ring the doorbell, while partially covering their little ears. Look into your reflection and let them do the same. Your home is like a playground for a baby who is discovering the world for the first time.

Try these simple tricks and let us know how it plays out.

We wish you a playful time with your bub! 

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