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Article: Don’t Keep Calm, There Are 8,000 Chemicals in Baby Clothes!

Don’t Keep Calm, There Are 8,000 Chemicals in Baby Clothes!
baby essentials

Don’t Keep Calm, There Are 8,000 Chemicals in Baby Clothes!

Do you know what’s in your baby’s onesie, blankie and softie? 

We’re sure you must be carefully vetting the products that your little one touches, bites, plays with, cuddles, and sleeps next to.

Or, at least, you think you are.

But there are some things that even a parent can miss.

For instance, the slew of chemicals hiding within the fibres of your baby’s apparel and bedding and toys.

These products may appear to be completely safe and quite desirable, but there’s way more than meets the eye (just like the poisonous apple in Snow White).

If you were to do a simple google search, you’d be alarmed at the state of the textile manufacturing industry.

Particularly, fast fashion kids’ brands that use anywhere up to 8,000 chemicals in their supply chain.

According to research conducted by Duke University, over 80% of all children’s products contain toxins.

And this fact is concerning not just to households, but the ecosystem at large.

In this blog, we’ll flag off ingredients that you should avoid when shopping for baby products.

We’ll also give you helpful tips to ensure that your baby is healthier and happier.

The good news is, YOU CAN make better choices!!

Check the tag before adding to bag

Your very first line of defense is in being a cloth detective. 

So, make sure to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes or Byomkesh Bakshi.

Question manufacturers and sellers.

Inspect packaging and labels.

Treat baby clothes as a high-involvement purchase decision.

Most importantly, look out for the following nasty ingredients:

  1. Bleach
  2. Bisphenol A
  3. Benzyl Acetate
  4. Flame Retardants
  5. Formaldehyde 
  6. Lead
  7. Monoethanolamine
  8. Phthalates
  9. Parabens
  10. Sulfates
  11. Synthetic Fragrances
  12. Talc
  13. Tributyltin
  14. Triclosan 
  15. Oxybenzone

We know that this list can seem never-ending (to top that off, these are only some of the biggest baddies).

But knowledge is your most powerful weapon, as a parent.

And when you’re all up to date, you’ll realise that there’s only one solution.

To engage with sustainable brands only!

Sample sustainable aka dependable

Sustainable products for kids are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used, in ways that are environmentally friendly and ethical.

Which means, they are free off:

  1. Chemicals and toxins
  2. Fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides

They also advocate to protect:

  1. Workers
  2. Communities
  3. Plants and animals
  4. The whole planet, really!

Brands that wear the sustainable badge are brands to be trusted.

Because they have the seal of approval from parents and planetarians. 

Substitute panic for organic

As a sustainable brand, Greendigo uses only the most safe, functional and high-quality materials.

A unanimous favourite is soft, breathable, absorbent, comfortable, GOTS certified organic cotton.

With Greendigo’s organic cotton clothing for babies, you’ll never have to worry about chemicals, toxins or anything else.

In fact, your most stressful decision will be picking between Animal Kingdom or Barn Farm for your baby’s onesies

Isn’t that a great problem to have?

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