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Article: Keeping Up with The Chemicals in Baby Clothes

Keeping Up with The Chemicals in Baby Clothes
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Keeping Up with The Chemicals in Baby Clothes

Playing dress up with your bundle of joy is one of the most fun things to do as a parent.

You can spend hours admiring those itsy-bitsy onesies, booties, mittens and caps.

But how many of you mamas actually glance at the labels?

Or… question the authenticity of brands and their advertising claims?

You ought to know how your baby’s clothing is being manufactured and what ingredients are being used to make it.

Because, beyond that pretty threading, you will discover as many as 8,000 chemicals hiding in plain sight.

Baby clothing, chemicals overflowing

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when it comes to our babies, Greendigo is fiercely protective!!

So, here are some hard truths:

  1. Kids clothing is made out of materials such as Nylon, Rayon, Acrylic, Polyester, Spandex and Rubber.
  2. The above fibres are grown with the aid of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. 
  3. Chemicals such as PFCs, Azo Dyes, Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde and Flame Retardants are used to make the textile wrinkle-free, water-proof, dirt-repellent, and long-lasting.
  4. Baby skin is approximately ten times thinner than adult skin. As a result, they are more susceptible to chemical exposure in clothing.
  5. Exposure to these toxic substances can adversely affect a baby’s immune system, endocrine system and nervous system.
  6. These chemicals are also major pollutants to the land, air, water, and all living communities.

As a parent, you need to be aware of these facts.

Now that you do, you’re one step closer to making the best decisions for your child!

Organic cotton is everything a child needs

We’ve alerted you to the problem. 

Now, we’ll present the solution – organic cotton – naturally cultivated cotton – baby loving cotton. 

As its name suggests, this type of cotton is grown without any chemical enhancements.

By investing in kids clothing brands that champion organic cotton, you’re gifting your baby a safe and healthy childhood.

But why organic cotton above other natural textile?

While there is a slew of natural fabrics like bamboo, industrial hemp, recycled polyester, soy cashmere/silk, and wool, we believe that organic cotton pairs best with sensitive baby skin.

Not only is this material 100% chemical free, it is also perfectly suited for growing children and their active lifestyles.

Soft, comfortable, breathable, hyper allogenic, non-flammable, machine washable, stretchy, insulated – what more could you aspire for?

Organic cotton is packed with all the benefits that a baby wants, needs and dreams about!

Plus, it’s cultivated without compromising on any other natural resources like energy and water.

Greendigo, clothing made better

Free of chemicals, full of comfort and cuteness. 

Greendigo apparel is your solution to the chemical problem.

Our organic cotton clothing brand cares for babies and the planet that they live on.

Every thread woven, is done so sustainably and ethically.

So, what you get is baby clothing that looks good, feels good and does good.

Safe for the skin, safe for the soil, safe for sea, safe for the sky. 

Discard the commercial alternatives and give us a try!

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