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Baby Sets + Bundles

Baby Sets + Bundles

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Baby Sets + Bundles

Mix and match styles in organic cotton

Greendigo’s coordinated sets of a top and bottom in 100% organic cotton are a great choice for baby boys and baby girls. These baby sets make a perfect outfit for everyday wear and a smart choice for going out too. With no harmful chemicals and no dangerous pesticides, Greendigo’s GOTS certified organic cotton is certified to be the safest choice for your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.


1. Which baby kit is best for newborn?

The best baby kit is one that has a cap, a bib, a pair of mittens, and a pair of booties made from soft and breathable fabric which is safe for the sensitive skin of babies.

2. How much does a set of baby clothes cost?

Baby clothes pricing depends on the quality of the fabric used. The clothes can be priced anything between 800-3000 INR.

3. What do you put in a baby organizer?

You can almost put all your daily needs in Greendigo's baby organiser bags i.e. from diapers their skin needs products, clothes, etc. Greendigo has a super cool organiser bag with ample storage space including front packets which enables you to store and quickly access all your little one's daily essentials, soft toys, etc. in a neat and organized way.

4. Are diaper bags machine washable?

Greendigo organizer bags used for organizing diaper bags are machine washable and remain as good as new after multiple washes and help massively organize all your baby's needs throughout the day.

5. How much should a diaper bag cost?

A good quality diaper bag should see you through your baby's initial years. Always choose a sustainable, and non-toxic fabric for your baby's diaper bag. This would cost you anywhere between Rs. 2000-Rs. 2500.

6. Can you wash a diaper bag?

Not all diaper bags can be washed. Greendigo Trusty Tusky Baby Organiser Bag is a machine washable organizer bag that provides you ample space to segregate your clean and dirty diapers.