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Article: Working Out with That Baby Bump

Working Out with That Baby Bump

Working Out with That Baby Bump

The Importance of Staying Physically Fit During Pregnancy

Move your body, baby!

It’s a common misconception that pregnancy equals prolonged downtime.

Yes, it’s important to kick back and relax.

You need it, quite frankly, you deserve it.

But that doesn’t mean you refrain from being active altogether.

In fact, a little bit of exercise is great to help you stay in shape, keep your spirits high, and prepare you for the birth of your little heart.

If you’ve just gotten the good news, then this informative read by Greendigo will help you stay motivated in your maternity fitness journey.

Benefits of Maternity Movement

You might be surprised at the many wonderful benefits of exercise.

And here’s why it comes Greendigo recommended.

  1. Improves the mood.
  2. Boosts energy levels.
  3. Enables better sleep.
  4. Reduces backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling.
  5. Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance.
  6. Builds stamina and flexibility for delivery.
  7. Prevents excessive weight gain.

Getting Your OBGYN’s Okay

While exercising during pregnancy is considered to be a good practice for both mama and baby, you must wait for the go-ahead from your health care provider.

If you suffer from the following conditions, exercise should be avoided.

  1. Heart and lung disease
  2. Preeclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy
  3. Cervical problems
  4. Continuous vaginal bleeding during the second or third trimester
  5. Placenta problems

When in doubt, ask doc.

Exercises for Expecting Mamas

You can try walking, swimming, light jogging, stationary cycling, and maternity yoga.

All of the above are great ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

And the last one is something that will also help with your mental state of mind.

But remember to include your doctor when curating your fitness regimen.

Please try and avoid any form of exercise that forces you to lie flat on your back (after your first trimester).

Additionally, say NO to contact sports, high-impact sports, and sports that pose a risk of falling down.

Listening To Your Body

Some days, you will feel fatigued and achy.

On other days, you might be energetic and exuberant.

Suffice to say, your body is your temple.

So, be kind to it.

And pay attention to what it’s telling you.

Please note – If you feel dizzy or breathless, please stop exercising and contact your doctor immediately. Also, look out for signs such as headaches, chest pains, and bleeding.

Staying The Course

Getting yourself to stay committed to an exercise routine can be challenging, especially when you have a bump weighing you down.

So, how do you stay motivated and inspired?

By taking baby steps.

Start with a walk.

You can even join a class.

From maternity yoga to swimming, there are a ton of fun ways to stay healthy, fit, and inspired.

Find one that’s good for you.

10 minutes of physical activity a day is amazing, mamas.

You can work your way up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and so on, until you reach 30 minutes a day.

Good luck <3

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