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Article: The Importance of Kangaroo Care for Preemies

The Importance of Kangaroo Care for Preemies

The Importance of Kangaroo Care for Preemies

Sounds all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because it is.

Did you know, Kangaroo Care is one of the most sacred parts of parenting?

Yes, it’s one of the tools to giving your preemie the love, care, and comfort they deserve.

It’s also one of the best chances at guaranteeing your preemie will not only survive but thrive.

Greendigo has answered some of the most frequently asked questions relating to this kind of care.

So, you’ll want to give this one a read.

What is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo care is the act of holding a premature baby against one’s bare chest. The idea is to enable as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The parents give the baby the impression of being held in a pouch much like a kangaroo does with a joey. Through this intimate posture, parents and preemies can connect and bond better. This position also helps support their emotional and physical development.

When should you practice Kangaroo Care?

You can start practising Kangaroo Care as soon as it is safe for your baby. Check with the NICU staff regarding the post-birth policy before you begin. Make sure to avail of the nurse’s help for that first time. While it’s often thought to be only a mother-baby exercise, please note that dads can do it too. Start off with one hour every day and work your way up.

How does Kangaroo Care work?

Follow these simple steps for some skin action.

1.   Gently place your naked baby on your bare chest.

2.   You can drape a cover over your baby’s back to prevent them from catching a cold.

3.   Relax and let your baby do the same.

4.   You can breastfeed during this time if your baby signals hunger.

Make sure to:

1.   Check with the NICU staff on what the protocol for Kangaroo care is.

2.   Pick a quiet room, with muted lighting.

3.   Wear a shirt that opens up in the front.

4.   Remove your bra.

What are the benefits of Kangaroo Care?

Skin-to-skin care works its magic in many ways.

The benefits to a preemie are varied:

1.   Keeps them relaxed.

2.   Enables them to sleep better.

3.   Reduces their urge to cry.

4.   Helps them put on weight.

5.   Fosters stronger bonds with the parent.

6.   Helps to regulate their heart rate, breathing, and body temperature.

7.   Improves oxygen circulation.

8.   Boosts their immune system.

9.   Promotes brain development.

10. Encourages breastfeeding.

It’s normal and quite natural to feel anxious when cradling your little one for the first time.

Being overwhelmed comes with the territory.

After all, your baby looks so small and fragile.

And the last thing you want to do is hurt your preemie by holding them too close.

Then there are all those tubes and wires to contest with.

So, what can you do to feel confident in your abilities?

Keep in mind that assistance is not far away.

Ask the NICU nurse to help you position your baby and stay on until you feel secure.


You can even lean on your partner and family members for support.

But most of all, learn to listen to your maternal instincts.

Have a hopping time, mamas!

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