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Article: Stop The Swaddle Before The Waddle

Stop The Swaddle Before The Waddle
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Stop The Swaddle Before The Waddle

In our previous blog posts, we’ve introduced you to the cosy and comforting world of swaddling.

Is there anything more beautiful than recreating the womb experience for your tiny house guest?

After 9 months of being snug as a bug, your baby will continue to crave that feeling of warmth and protection.

Which is why, swaddling is a natural and necessary step during infancy.

After all, it makes the womb to world expedition so much more intimate and reassuring.

And while we love the idea of wrapping a baby up like a burrito forever, it’s important to recognise when they’ve outgrown the swaddle.

Our agenda for this read is to help you make the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag, sack or wearable blanket, swiftly and smoothly.

Disclaimer no babies have lost sleep during the course of this journey.

It’s time to stop swaddling when…

Your little one is fully capable of rolling from their back to their side or tummy.

The curious chub may also show signs of wriggling, wiggling, squirming and kicking.

Look out for these manoeuvres, mamas.

Because, when a swaddled baby pulls these moves, they may not be able to undo it successfully.

Because the swaddle keeps things nice and compact, there is a high probability of the baby getting stuck mid roll.

The last you need is your little one feeling restricted in any way.

So, keep your senses sharp.

Especially after they cross the 4-month age range.

How should you manage this transition?

First things first, shed the mindset of “no swaddle equals no sleep”.

Your baby will still be able to have peaceful slumber once out of the swaddle.

The trick is to identify the right sleeping product for this next phase of babyhood.

One that ticks all the right boxes.

For instance, a sleep sack (or wearable blanket) is ideal for babies who wish to move about, but also enjoy a snug environment.

Because, unlike a swaddle or wrap, the serene sleep sack gives your child unrestricted freedom to wriggle, kick and roll.

What more could you want out of a sleep-assisting product?

The best part is, the wearable bags boast of a fitted neck and armholes to ensure that there is no danger of slipping, whilst also maintaining the freedom to move.

By making use of the sleep sack, what you’re really doing is helping your baby transition out of the swaddle without losing any sleep.

Just in case you need another option, here’s an easy-breezy one.

Wrap your baby’s torso with a soft, organic cotton blanket.

Leave the arms and legs untucked, so that they feel unbridled and happy.

So, there you have it.

Convenient solutions to weening your baby off the swaddle.

Go forth and try ‘em out!

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