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Article: Glow In Confidence - Here’s How You Can Bounce Back After The Baby Is Born

Glow In Confidence - Here’s How You Can Bounce Back After The Baby Is Born

Glow In Confidence - Here’s How You Can Bounce Back After The Baby Is Born

During pregnancy, you may have gotten compliments like “you’re dazzling”.

This refers to the ‘motherhood glow’.

From flushing cheeks to luminous skin, there is a certain beauty and radiance that shines through.

And this ember continues to burn bright even after the baby is born.

The trick is to embrace the signature sparkle and wear it proudly.

But for some mamas, the light starts to fade, dim a little.

So, ask yourselves this:

Do you find yourself losing confidence at the sight of your post-baby body?

Are you unable to come to terms with weight gain or hair loss?

Is the lack of grooming leading to low self-assurance?

Do you feel like a bad mom sometimes?

Are you unsure of your abilities to raise a child?

Is the fatigue making you feel overwhelmed?

If this resonates with your current situation, give this blog a read.

Because there are ways to help rebuild your confidence, slowly but surely.

Our goal is to help you acknowledge how you’re feeling and take constructive steps to get back on track.

Embark on a journey of self-improvement by following these steps.

Pause and reflect

Self-confidence is a state of mind. And it can be cultivated by doing a few simple things. Be aware of your thoughts. Identify all those that are self-deprecating in nature. Kindly bid them away. Focus on the ones that are encouraging and uplifting instead. Do this exercise regularly.

Practice daily affirmations

Mantras for motherhood can be a very powerful tool if used in the right way. Not only do they help build confidence, but drastically improve the quality of life. Take a deep breath and recite the affirmation that best describes want you wish to achieve. For e.g., “I am confident in my own skin.”

Learn something new every day

Knowledge breeds confidence. So, try and grown in understanding each day. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Watch movies. Talk to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Focus on developing your intellectual quotient.

Get into a holistic exercise regiment

Physical exercise will take care of that baby weight, sure. But if you’re looking for self-improvement, you’ve got to work in tandem with the mind and soul. Yoga and meditation are proven techniques to help mamas bounce back into shape and… self-surety.

Hit the salon and spa

A small act of self-grooming or self-care can go a long way in instilling confidence, courage and contentment. Whether it’s a routine mani-pedi, threading of the brows, head massage, or facial, a little pampering is always beneficial.

Engage in your favourite hobby

Having fun and blowing off some steam is an effective way to regain your self-confidence. Play a sport. Organise a games night. Take an art class. Or simply, put on your favourite tunes and dance.

The journey to becoming a secure, confident and self-assured mama is one riddled with challenges.

But, trust us, it’s so worth it.

Get back your glow.

Glow in confidence!

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