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Article: Secrets to Second-Time Parenting | 15 Tips to Prepare You for Baby No. 2

Secrets to Second-Time Parenting | 15 Tips to Prepare You for Baby No. 2

Secrets to Second-Time Parenting | 15 Tips to Prepare You for Baby No. 2

Expecting your second baby?

We’re so thrilled for you!

These tips from Greendigo will help you tackle the transition and grow your family from a trio to a quad.

Here’s how you can make things easier on yourself, your partner, your little one, and your littlest one too.

  1. Share the news with your firstborn

    Break the news gently. Communicate clearly and allow them the opportunity to do the same. Give your child the time to process the change without fearing being judged.

  2. Get them excited about being a big sibling

    Explain that it is going to be a wonderful time and that your child will have someone to play with or spend time with. Assure them that the baby will be lucky to have a big sibling.

  3. Make them feel part of the preparation process

    Appoint your child as the official helper for all things baby no. 2, whether it be setting up the crib or shopping for supplies.

  4. Prioritise one-on-one time with them

    Make your child feel loved and secure by spending time doing things they enjoy, from going to the park to building a puzzle.

  5. Reevaluate your household budget

    Take into account the cost of raising two children (current costs and expected costs) and make provisions to ensure that your finances are adequate.

  6. Consider your childcare options

    For full-time working parents, childcare is a necessity. This could mean leaving your kids with family, friends, or a creche service.

  7. Put in your maternity leave

    Speak to your employer regarding your days off and any additional requirements you may have surrounding your period of absence.

  8. Organise newborn baby supplies

    Create a checklist of all the items that you will need for your newborn baby including swaddles, onesies, sleepsuits and blankets.

  9. Repurpose what you already have

    Do a quick recce of your firstborn’s baby supplies and make a list of which items can be used, donated and discarded.

  10. Create room for another baby

    Consider which aspects of your home require work in order to make space for a second child e.g., converting the guest room into a nursery space.

  11. Schedule regular doctors’ appointments

    Get in touch with your OBGYN and schedule follow-ups. Be consistent about monitoring your health.

  12. Get onto a nutritious diet

    Make the necessary dietary changes to aid your pregnancy journey. Cut out alcohol, raw fish and meat.

  13. Focus on your physical fitness

    Discover the many benefits of maternity yoga, swimming, and walks. It’s important to be active during your second pregnancy.

  14. Take care of your mental wellbeing

    Focus on the positives and tune out any self-deprecating thoughts. Be assured in your abilities as a parent and embrace the emotions that come with it.

  15. Share the load with your partner

    You’re not alone, so learn how to lean on your partner/co-parent. Together, prepare for the arrival of your precious secondborn.

Heed this advice from seasoned parents and grow your tribe with confidence.

There’s so much love to come!

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