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Article: From Solo to Duo: A Toddler's Journey to Welcoming a New Baby

From Solo to Duo: A Toddler's Journey to Welcoming a New Baby

From Solo to Duo: A Toddler's Journey to Welcoming a New Baby

Mini-me on the way?


Welcoming a baby into the family is a joyous occasion.

However, it can also be a potentially challenging phase for a toddler.

Remember, sibling jealousy is real.

That’s why Greendigo stresses the importance of creating ties from the very beginning. 

Introducing your toddler to their baby brother or sister in a thoughtful and gentle manner can set the tone for a strong sibling bond.

If you’re nervous about making this introduction, our tips will help pave the way for a happy and healthy future relationship.

Here are 20 endearing ways to help your child embrace their new role, as well as ensure the process is as smooth as organic cotton!

1.       Embark on story time, with a focus on sibling adventures.

2.       Pick out a perfect present for the baby together.

3.       Gift your little one a life-sized doll that will offer practice for when the baby arrives.

4.       Introduce your tiny tot to your bump and let them cop a feel.

5.       Organise art time so that they can make a card for the baby.

6.       Engage your toddler with nursery rhymes about their sibling-to-be.

7.       When the time comes, have your toddler visit you in the hospital.

8.       Make sure your child rides with you from the hospital to home.

9.       Organise a welcome home party for the immediate family.

10.   Give your child the title of ‘official baby helper’, instilling a sense of responsibility early on.

11.   Initiate snuggle time between the kids to promote playful bonding.

12.   Organise a thoughtful play date for the siblings in order to break the ice.

13.   Plan a fun family outing that promotes harmony.

14.   Enrol your toddler in a big sibling class, so that they may embrace the new role with confidence and assurance.

15.   Use positive reinforcement to reward good behaviour from your child.

16.   Introduce your little one to fellow toddlers with siblings, so that they may observe the joy of sibling companionship.

17.  Acknowledge that your child might be having a hard time with the new family member's arrival.

18.   Shower your toddler with extra love and care.

19.   Be patient, understanding, and less reactive.

20.   If need be, take your child to a counsellor to help them process the change.

The happiness that comes with a new baby’s arrival is unlike any other feeling in the world.

It’s pure LOVE.

But in the flurry of preparing for number two, parents end up neglecting number one!

Here’s a gentle reminder to make the effort to introduce your toddler to their baby sibling in a way that sticks, as this will help forge a bond that will grow as they do.

Remember that every child is different, so it’s necessary to choose an approach with caution and one that best resonates with your toddler's personality.

With love, patience, understanding, and a focus on nurturing their connection, your kids can embark on a fun and magical journey of siblinghood together.

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