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Article: How To Embrace the (Morning) Sunshine and Eliminate the Sickness

How To Embrace the (Morning) Sunshine and Eliminate the Sickness
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How To Embrace the (Morning) Sunshine and Eliminate the Sickness

Over 50% of expecting mothers experience some degree of morning sickness.

It’s the body’s way of saying, “hey, we’re pregnant!” 

For some, it’s just a blip in the motherhood journey.

For others, it can be a very uncomfortable and harrowing period.

Like a never-ending hangover…

We know, it’s no fun having a puke bucket around.

But take comfort in the fact that there are ways to make morning sickness manageable.

Turn to your handy snack pack 

Did you know, dry snacks like almonds or salted crackers work wonders to satiate those hunger pangs? The idea is to have nibbles with you at all times, to avoid those little protests from an empty tummy. Keep some in your bedside drawer and hand bag for easy access. You can pick your favourite kind of tuck such as pretzels or walnut chikki.

Add cooling foods to your diet

Substitute spicy and fatty dishes, for cool and light foods. By avoiding the sugar and grease, you’ll ensure little to no irritation to the tummy, and keep those acids at bay. Items like fresh salads, yogurt (flavoured or unflavoured), fruit, and cold soup do well to tickle the taste buds. Plus, they have a very mild fragrance. 

Up your H20 intake

Hydration should be a key part of your anti-morning sickness regiment. Have that aqua at a slightly cooler temperature, paired with a lemon wedge, and you’ll feel the difference almost instantly. For some people, however, this may have the opposite effect. If you find yourself in this category, try a fizzy water or ginger ale instead.

Sleep like a baby

Fatigue is nausea’s close companion. Which is why it’s important to nip that exhaustion in the bud. Try to clock in a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night. Squeeze in a siesta or two in the day. But not right after a meal. Retreat to bed early, and rise early. Remember, unless your doctor says otherwise, don’t take sleeping pills.

Avoid those triggers

You may have noticed that certain smells or tastes (or visuals) trigger your morning sickness. Keep a note of this, on your phone or in a diary, and avoid-avoid-avoid! Listen to your body. Observe the signals. Share this information with your partner and immediate family.  

Make loose clothing your MO

Any item of clothing that is tight or restrictive, especially to the abdomen and bladder, should be put aside. This is because it can exacerbate the symptoms of morning sickness. Opt for loungewear that is loose, comfortable and breathable. Organic cotton pyjama sets or bathrobes are always a wonderful idea. 

Consult your doc

From prenatal vitamins and supplements, to personalised home remedies, your doctor has the power to soothe your morning sickness. Or at least, reduce it significantly. So, maintain regular contact. And follow his/her advice religiously.

Morning sickness tends to disappear as the 3-month mark is up. 

But if it continues to persist, or is a severe case, make sure to flag this off to your doctor.

Please note: Active medical treatment is only required in cases of excessive vomiting.

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