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Article: A Bootcamp to Overcome Mommy Burnout!

A Bootcamp to Overcome Mommy Burnout!
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A Bootcamp to Overcome Mommy Burnout!

Currently experiencing the physical and emotional fatigue of being a new mom?

Find yourself zoning out, dropping off, crying hysterically, and wanting to run away?

Well, you’ve got the classic case of mommy burnout which is the result of constant and chronic stress.

This is just part and parcel of post-partum.

But you’ve got to acknowledge it, so that you can get over it.

The solution is super simple and includes the following.

Schedule more sleep time 

We’re not trying to be stuck records here. But we’ll say it one more time for the ones who need a little reminder. Sleep is sacred. It’s vital. It’s the best antidote to a burn out, because it takes care of your well-being and overall mood. The best part is – it doesn’t cost a thing. By sneaking in short naps whenever you can, you’re letting your mind rest, and allowing your body to recharge. 

Add social outings to the roster

As a new mom, your version of socialising is probably getting onto a conference call. And that’s totally fine, as long as you’re interacting with your girl tribe. Having an adult conversation that doesn’t entail ‘poopy talk’ is much needed. So, actively seek out opportunities to connect with your friends. Whether this may include taking a walk, going for a drive, or getting onto Zoom.

Tap into the healing power of nature

Alleviating stress has never been as easy as when you’re engaging with nature. Crisp, fresh air. The feeling of gravel beneath your feet. The fragrance of buds and blooms. The sight of trees. Large open spaces and the outdoors bring with it a healing quality like no other. So, make use of nature to help you feel grounded. Strap your little one into a stroller, and explore.

Set up self-care Sundays

Sundays are lazy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the only time of the week where one can do absolutely nothing and feel zero shame about it. Why not utilise the end of the week for a little spa ritual using things from your bedroom and bathroom? It’s as simple as lighting a candle, giving your skin and hair a little nourishment, and enjoying a long bath. Incorporate peaceful practices into your routine, which will help you feel centered and balanced.

Delegate, and let go!

When you feel like you’re about to buckle under the pressure of motherhood… pause, take a step back, and regroup. A burnout can be avoided by simply sharing tasks with your partner and loved ones. From diaper changes to bath time, meal prep to laundry, the list of chores can be divided in a way that feels fair to each one. Remember, once you’ve passed it on, learn to release it. Micromanaging helps no one, least yourself!

Say no to mommy guilt

Shed the shame and layer up on the self-love. Agonising over every single thing you’re doing right and wrong is not only counterproductive, but also a major trigger to a full-fledged breakdown. Acknowledge the fact that perfection doesn’t equate to goodness and that being balanced is better than being the best.

Recovering from mommy burnout is simple and straightforward, so long as you incorporate stress management activities into your everyday life.

Apart from the above, do try postnatal yoga techniques, they get incredible results.

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