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Article: Dream, Little One, Dream! How To Achieve a Sleep All-Nighter for Your Baby

Dream, Little One, Dream! How To Achieve a Sleep All-Nighter for Your Baby

Dream, Little One, Dream! How To Achieve a Sleep All-Nighter for Your Baby

Every parent wishes for the most magical sleep for their baby.

The kind of sleep that is healing and rejuvenating.

Slumber… right out of a fairy-tale!

Healthy, happy, wholesome rest.

Here are seven incredibly helpful tips that will ensure your baby swifty travels to dreamland.

Make sure to:

Understand signs of sleep readiness  

When it comes to sleep cues and clues, observation is key. So, take note of what your newborn does once he/she starts to get tired. That way, you can begin the sleep ritual at once. You can tell if your child is nap-ready by certain tell-tale traits that include droopy lids, incessant yawning, frequent eye rubbing and general fussiness. 

Stick to a bedtime routine

Condition your little one to drift off to a peaceful sleep with a consistent and reassuring bedtime ritual. You can experiment with several soothing interventions to see what works best for your baby. For instance, beginning with a relaxing massage, followed by a warm bath, a change of clothes, and a cosy tuck-in. Once you’ve got the formula down, repeat-repeat-repeat.

Dim the lights

Soft or muted lighting is a wonderful sleep trigger for a baby. It quickly and effectively signals sleep by triggering melatonin - the sleep hormone - in the body. By dimming or turning off the light, you are helping your child form a strong connection between darkness and slumber. So, create a serene atmosphere. And let your newborn acclimatise to it.

Tune the temperature

Good quality rest requires an ideal climate. This will promote sound and uninterrupted sleep, and decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Greendigo recommends regulating your baby’s room to an optimal temperature, one that is comfortably warm during the winters and adequately cool during the summers.

Sing a lullaby

Don’t underestimate the power of a mama’s gentle and calming voice. After all, babies are attuned to every single sound and touch. And you’re definitely the best music box there is. By singing or humming softly, you could put your infant into a perfectly drowsy state, which is a natural precursor to sleep. So, channel your inner nightingale!

Find a comfortable position

Wrapping your baby in an organic cotton swaddle is a great way to mimic the snug and comfortable feeling of the womb. It creates a safe and secure environment, that is essential for sleep. Once you’ve created a baby roll, rock ‘em gently until they fall asleep. Remember, they should be placed on their back in the crib, bassinet or bed.

Use a pacifier 

Your baby may need to settle down for a bit before falling into deep sleep. For this reason alone, you might consider turning to a nontoxic and natural rubber pacifier. By letting them suck and bite for a little while, you’re providing contentment. Did you know, using a pacifier at bedtime helps reduce the risk of SIDS?

Use these time-tested tricks to curate the best sleep experience for your little dreamers.

Goodnight, little bugs!

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