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Article: Budget-Friendly Tips to Spruce Up the Nursery

Budget-Friendly Tips to Spruce Up the Nursery
baby essentials

Budget-Friendly Tips to Spruce Up the Nursery

You don’t need to break the bank in order to create something beautiful for your baby.

As far as nurseries go, there are several smart ways to design a warm, comfortable and cheerful space. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through seven of these hacks.

Read on for some interiors’ inspiration.

  • Nab neutral shades
  • Yes, a pop of colour is striking. But for your baby’s room, soft tones are much more soothing and pleasing. Think of exploring combinations such as white and grey, that are a fraction of the cost of bright shades. Light or pastel bases are more future-proof, as you can easily redecorate when your baby grows. Plus, you can always add a touch of colour through accessories and art.

  • Turn to thrift 
  • Second-hand is one of the best kept décor secrets. And you can find good quality nursery items, from a crib to a rocking chair, for friendly prices. Fantastic bargains and deals are only a click away. Once you source your items, do a thorough safety check, and add a coat of paint, for a fresh look.

  • Dream it with DIY 
  • Affordable, authentic, aesthetic… do-it-yourself could be just the thing your nursery needs. It’s light on the pocket, allows you to execute your vision, and is also an incredibly special experience. You can paint a picture, build a wall hanging, or even stitch a quilt - the options float with your expertise level. So, stay crafty.

  • Recce and repurpose
  • Forage around your home to see if there’s anything you can use for the nursery. From old photo frames to rugs and lampshades, the opportunities are endless. By repurposing what you already own, you can optimise your spending, and prioritise on items that you absolutely need. Be observant, and be resourceful!

  • Mull over multi-usage
  • The beauty of multiuse is that you’re rewarded with two-in-one. For instance, a chest of drawers doubling up as a changing table, or a crib transforming into a toddler bed. Greendigo recommends going in for furniture and fittings that have more than one use. This is a more sustainable, convenient and cost-effective option.

  • Opt for organisers  
  • Practical, pocket-friendly and oh-so pretty, organisers are the perfect addition to a nursery. They add character to the space, without being intrusive. They can be hung, strung, placed and perched, without fuss. They are functional storage bags that masquerade as fashionable accessories. 

  • Count on coverings
  • Playing around with cushion covers can be a great way of adding elements of colour, design and texture to a space. From ruched to knit, powder blue to mint, you can have your pick. Consider choosing organic cotton options, that are super soft, absorbent, and machine washable. 

    No matter what your nursery budget is, be assured, you can create something magical.

    All it takes is a little vision, imagination and patience.

    If you have a specific theme in mind, write to us, we’d love to help you bring it to life!

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