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Article: Confused About Baby Clothing Terminology? | Greendigo Spills the Tea!

Confused About Baby Clothing Terminology? | Greendigo Spills the Tea!
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Confused About Baby Clothing Terminology? | Greendigo Spills the Tea!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the baby clothing terminology out there?

Well, mums and dads, that’s quite fair.

It’s natural to get a little mixed up when shopping for your little one.

Luckily, we’re here to help you get back your parenting flair.

Here are three styles from the Greendigo wardrobe that you ought to know about.

Our organic cotton clothing collections reflect the actual needs of parents, striking the perfect balance between fashionable and functional.

We’ve also created beautiful patterns and prints that showcase our love for nature.

Read on to know more about the Big 3!

Onesie: An Easy-breezy Companion

A onesie, also known as a bodysuit, is a one-piece garment worn by a baby or toddler.

Its characteristic feature includes snap buttons (or fasteners) at the crotch that enable easy access to the diaper and quick changes.

Onesies can be sleeveless, half-sleeves, or full-sleeves.

They work well as both innerwear and outerwear depending on the style and print.

And in some cases, onesies may also include sleeves and legs, which may be long or short.

Explore some of our wonderfully soft and ever-so-comfortable organic cotton pieces that ensure everyday ease.

  1. Full-Sleeved Onesie: Features a two-way zip or kimono-style side tie and built-in fold-over mittens.
  2. Unisex Bodysuit: Comes with short sleeves, envelope necklines, and easy-to-use snap buttons.

Romper: For the Little Explorers

A romper is also a one-piece garment for babies and toddlers.

Commonly known as a jumpsuit or playsuit, this item of clothing generally comes with sleeves and legs.

Rompers are closed using zips, buttons, or snap fasteners.

They are considered to be one of the best playwear options in the market.

Discover Greendigo’s thoughtfully designed rompers for the best adventures on the mat.

  1. Half-Sleeved Romper: Sports a full-length kimono-style side tie and foldable fabric on the legs.
  2. Romper Set: Comes with a full-sleeved tee that features an envelope neckline and a pair of matching pants with an elastic waistband.


A sleepsuit is a one-piece garment that is specifically designed to ensure good sleep for a baby or toddler.

It is a type of wearable blanket that moves comfortably with an active sleeper, keeping them comfortable and cosy at all times.

Check out Greendigo’s organic cotton sleepsuits that were built to give babies the most magical dreams.

  1. Full-Sleeved Sleepsuit: Boasts a two-way zip opening, a safety closure for the zip (to protect the baby's delicate skin), and built-in mitten cuffs and footies.

Greendigo’s onesies, bodysuits, rompers and sleepsuits are made out of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Our baby clothing is made sustainably, for the good of all children and the planet.

This means, a lack of GMO or chemically modified seeds, chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and toxic dyes and colours.

Explore cheerful shades, practical styles, and innovative features that will make your life as a parent easier and happier.

And… don’t compromise on safety when looking for style.

We wish you a pleasurable and stress-free shopping experience!

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