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Article: 23 Ways to Build a Relationship with Your Newborn

23 Ways to Build a Relationship with Your Newborn

23 Ways to Build a Relationship with Your Newborn

The bond shared between mother and child is sacred.

It is the purest and most powerful kind of love in the world.

Unconditional and unbreakable and undeniably special.

The best part is, it begins in the womb itself.

But what happens when your little one makes their world debut?

How do you deepen this connection and build a relationship?

Greendigo spoke to a group of mamas and asked them to share their tips on bonding with a baby.

Here’s what they had to say about those first few weeks and months.

P.S. How many of these are you already practising?

  1. Talk to your baby through the day, as your voice is a soothing and familiar friend.
  2. Sing songs or recite nursery rhymes. This will help increase their oxytocin level, the social bonding hormone.
  3. Read a bedtime story. Watch closely as they begin to ease into a state of relaxation and calm.
  4. Breastfeed your baby till the 6-month mark. This nurturing embrace offers positive psychological effects like lowered stress levels.
  5. Make eye contact while breastfeeding, as this promotes bonding and attachment.
  6. Give your baby a massage. Soothing, rhythmic strokes help make them feel loved and cared for.
  7. Practice Kangaroo care with your baby. Skin-to-skin contact creates strong ties between parent and child.
  8. Gently blow on your baby’s face, as this will give them a relaxed and euphoric sensation.
  9. Tickle your baby’s fingers and toes as a form of playful fun and bonding.
  10. Kiss your baby’s palms to convey your love and adoration.
  11. Dance with your baby. Movement helps release endorphins, the mood-boosting hormone.
  12. Make silly expressions to pique your baby’s curiosity and interest.
  13. Inculcate cuddle time, which promotes intimacy and togetherness.
  14. Look into the mirror together and let your baby be amazed at a wider perspective.
  15. Rock your baby to sleep. This will make them feel safe and secure.
  16. Let your baby sleep next to you, as this fosters closeness.
  17. Sleep when your baby sleeps. When you are relaxed, so are they.
  18. Give your baby a bath. Splashing in warm water and playing with bubbles is a fun way to connect.
  19. Dress, diaper, and powder your baby. This will promote feelings of companionship.
  20. Listen to your baby’s heartbeat and pulse. This tender act helps boost love and affection.
  21. Give your baby a special pet name that they will only associate with you.
  22. Be attentive toward your baby’s needs by focusing on the present moment.
  23. Carry your baby in a sling to allow as much skin-to-skin contact as possible.

Try and implement some of these into your everyday routine.

And write to us if you have some tips of your own to share.

Remember, a mother’s voice, touch, gestures, and movements are like magic.

Use your in-built maternal instincts to help guide your bonding journey.

Let the bonding commence. <3

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