Keeping Things Tidy with a Tiny Tot

Babies and toddlers don’t exactly scream spick and span.

Amidst all the spills and doodles, you’re left with one, hot mess.

But we’ve got a way to ensure that your house stays immaculate and well orderly.

Here’s how you can keep things in top shape, transforming from a slob kebab to a neat ninja!


Create dedicated play pens

Your home is the ultimate playground to a curious and adventurous toddler, what with all the fantastical nooks and corners. But allowing them to run wild is much like letting a tornado loose. So, it’s important to carve those boundary lines. Having a designated space for play ensures safety, peace of mind, and ultra-quick clean ups. The best part is, majority of the house remains in apple-pie order.

Make ‘cleaning up’ a game

Of course, you can pick up the mess after the little one has been tucked into bed. But why not inculcate healthy, positive habits in the chubby checker? Plus, when it’s fun, it’s as good as done. Greendigo recommends playing a little clean up game to move things along. You can even sing a song like the little woodland creatures did in Cinderella. That way, your child has a good incentive to tidy up.

Reward the tidy tots

As reinforcement for all the good work done, you can reward your helpful munchkin with goodies such as their favourite snack, a movie night, or even an outdoor excursion. Remember, working toward a goal is key. The idea is to make them feel that their efforts are being recognised. Be generous in your praises, but also offer constructive tips to ensure that the tasks help you rather than derail you. 

Find a place for everything

Stuffed animals, puzzles, colouring books, Lego, dolls, cars… toys come in all shapes and sizes! And it’s your job, moms and dads, to provide a home for each and every one of them. Much like the movie, Toy Story, these objects tend to have a life of their own. So, treat them with care! It’s also essential that everyone knows where everything goes. That way, there can be no mix ups or oopsie moments.

Embrace a minimal layout

It’s so much easier to tidy up, when your home is already decluttered. Imagine navigating through playdough, magazines, stickers, wires, delivery boxes, and more, every single day. Our motto is - store less, live best. From your surfaces to your walls, and everything in between, eliminate items that no longer have a purpose of serving you or your family. What’s more, donate-donate-donate.

Keep organisers and racks handy

You can never have too many of these wonderful, magical products lying around. After all, they are the most important ingredients in play time and tidy-up time. Not only are they safe and easily accessible to kids, but they also offer good storage facilities. Take for instance, Greendigo’s dutiful organisers – the perfect blend of functional and fashionable. Store toys and other loose items in a jiffy.

Now, do you believe that keeping things clean and neat is not a pipe dream?!

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