Greendigo’s First Trimester Checklist - 10 Things to Keep in Mind for Those First 13 Weeks!

Two red stripes slowly materialising on a white stick.

No, we’re not talking about candy cane.

We’re talking about the pregnancy test!

Particularly, the exact moment you know your world is about to change.

You’re heading from two to three (and possible four, if you’re having twins)!

Whether you’re new to this or already a pro parent, here are some Golden Greendigo Rules to help get you through that first trimester.

Greendigo has curated a helpful checklist for all the soon-to-be mamas.

  • Make the baby announcement
  • Share the exciting news with your partner, family and close friends. 

    There are many sweet and thoughtful ways of doing so. 

    For instance, baking a cake and relaying the message via icing. 

    Or taping a picture of the ultrasound on the refrigerator. 

    Once your inner circle has been told, make a more formal announcement to your outer circle via email or social media.

  • Start a one-woman baby book club
  • Baby books are both, informative and insightful. 

    They hand hold you through each month of pregnancy, and offer up guidance on almost everything, from nausea to sleep insomnia to cravings! 

    Navigate the trimesters on your own terms, and even get a head start on what to expect after the baby is born.

  • Think of baby names
  • What better time to think of baby names than during those first 13 weeks? 

    You’re way more in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions during this stage.

    So, get inspired.

    Get researching.

    And get naming.

  • Book a prenatal doctor’s appointment
  • Get in as early as you can, especially during the 6-to-8-week stage.

    Ask all the questions, even far-fetched or silly ones, and understand your first trimester journey.

    Determine whether you have a high or low risk pregnancy.

  • Schedule an ultrasound
  • This marks a milestone.

    One of the most important ones, in fact.

    After all, you get to see just how far along you are and check for the normal growth of your baby.

    A dating ultrasound is performed during the first trimester in order to establish the gestational age and reveal important details about the baby.

  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin
  • Vitamin or mineral supplements should be taken throughout your pregnancy journey, starting from the very first trimester itself.

    These will help your baby receive the vital nutrients that are essential for healthy development in the womb.

    Folic acid, calcium and iron are regarded as the most important vitamins for pre-pregnancy health.

  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Say goodbye to the spirits, so you can get into better spirits!

    Limit your caffeine intake to12 ounces or per day or less.

    Rid your diet of all toxins, as soon as you find out that you’re expecting. 

    Engaging in these activities during your first trimester can cause birth-related issues like stillbirth, SIDS and deformities. 

  • Keep hydrated
  • Water is your pregnancy aid and your new best friend.

    So, drink up - at least half a gallon / 8 cups of water.

    Did you know, upping your H2O intake is essential to your antepartum health?

  • Deal with pregnancy insomnia 
  • You might be struggling to sleep, what with feeling nauseous, fatigued, achy and/or bloated.

    Don’t fret, consult a pregnancy sleep specialist to help you through your first trimester and well into your fourth.

    Getting enough rest is important for your health and your baby’s wellbeing! 

  • Indulge in low-impact exercise
  • Prenatal yoga, swimming, walks in the park or promenade.

    There are a host of healthy, safe, refreshing and rejuvenating ways to stay active. 

    Slow down, and connect with your body and your baby.

    And make sure to avoid strenuous exercise. 

    Jot this down in your pregnancy journal - digital or physical – so that you’re always reminded of your first trimester agenda. 

    Wishing you a happy and healthy (and less achy) first trimester, mamas!

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