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Article: Work From Home Hacks for The Ultimate Heavy Lifters aka Mamas!

Work From Home Hacks for The Ultimate Heavy Lifters aka Mamas!
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Work From Home Hacks for The Ultimate Heavy Lifters aka Mamas!

Being productive with your job, whilst being present for your kids, may seem like an impossible task.

But we’ve come to realise that with a little thought and care, you can work out a way.

Here is Greendigo’s book of tips and tricks to help make WFH the best play!

Create a to-do-list 

Jot down your goals for the day, gradually ticking them off as you go. Group similar tasks wherever possible. This simple yet effective exercise will help you stay on top of things. More importantly, it will bring focus and discipline to your personal and professional life. Now, there’s absolutely no chance of forgetting your to-dos. 

Learn the art of prioritising

You have two major jobs to do. One pertains to the Team, the other to the Tot. Naturally, this can be difficult to manage. But there’s always a solution. And this one involves fulfilling your tasks from high priority to low priority. Always give prominence to things based on its urgency and importance.

Dare to delegate

They say that delegating is the new multitasking. We couldn’t agree more! Especially when it comes to mamas who’ve got 10x things to accomplish daily. The key is to being smart about what you wish to hand off. Accept that you may not be able to do it all, and appoint clarity and specificity to the things that you’re delegating.

Work smart, not hard

Plan, prioritise, perform, and pass it on. These four Ps ensure that you use your time and energy more efficiently and judiciously. What’s more, it will keep you motivated and trigger positive feelings about your work day. You don’t have to miss out on precious moments with your family, when you’re working smart.

Put together a ‘quiet box’ 

This is a creative hack to help keep the little ones busy, while you conquer the business world. The idea is to let them work alongside you. A quiet box contains fun and educational games that require more focus and less jibber jabber. Schedule this for when you’re attending online meetings. Put a timer, so that the kids know when silent time is up. 

Practice flexible hours

Get creative with your work schedule. This could mean clocking in a couple of hours before your baby gets up, taking a break when the bub is awake, and getting back to work once he/she is down for a nap. Charter your own course, one that makes sense for your home and workplace.

Embrace the help

There’s nothing wrong with relying on external support during those busy times. This could be in the form of a baby sitter, nanny, friend or neighbour. Once you have the knowledge that your child is being cared for, you can fully commit to your work process.

Carve out a functional home office

Working anywhere and everywhere is not going to cut it! In order to be your productive best, you need a designated work space. So, set up a desk and chair. Make sure the lighting is good. A spot by the window is always a bonus.

We’d love to know if this helped you in your career trajectory and parenthood journey!

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