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Top Tips for Your Baby’s First Take Off

Your baby’s first flight is a major milestone.

But it is one that comes with parental jitters.

As you jet off into the sky, leave all your worries behind, with Greendigo’s top tips for air travel.

Here’s what you need to know for a safe and stress-free ride in the clouds.

Book a direct flight

Fewer the flights, smoother the journey for your baby. The last thing you need is your little one being lugged from airport to airport. So, whenever possible, fly straight to the destination. You might be spending a little extra, but you’re awarded convenience and peace of mind.

Pick the ideal flight time

Always consider your baby’s general routine when booking a flight. Try and avoid early morning flights or late-night flights as your little one is likely to be fussy during those periods. That being said, flights get delayed or rescheduled all the time.

Take a longer transit

When direct flights are unavailable, always opt for a connecting flight that offers a longer transit time. This will give you enough time to deboard, stretch your legs, use the restroom, and walk comfortably to your next boarding gate. The more at ease you are, the more content your baby is.

Arrive at the airport early

When travelling with an infant or toddler, it’s best not to rush. By arriving early, you’ll have ample of time to check in, find your boarding gate, and use the restroom. Some airports even offer dedicated nursing pods for pre-boarding feeds.

Be aware of airlines rules

It’s important to know your rights when travelling with an infant or toddler. From early-boarding privileges, to baggage allowances, and seat reservations, airlines offer a ton of perks to travelling families. Bon voyage!

Use the washroom before boarding

Never board a flight with a dirty diaper, as this could be a recipe for disaster. Finish up with all the basics like nappy changing, powdering, hair combing, and more. Remember, aircraft toilets offer the bare minimum. Take advantage of the on-ground changing room and facilities.

Cover your baby’s ears during take-off and landing

The cabin pressure changes during take-off and landing. This can be very uncomfortable and painful for your child, which can cause them to cry through the flight. Make sure to cover their sensitive ears with either your hands or ear plugs.

Pack carry-on essential items

When there’s a baby on board, this bundle is sort of a package deal:

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Change of clothes (for baby and mama)
  4. Changing Pad
  5. Diaper Bag
  6. Bottles for Feed
  7. Breast milk / Formula
  8. Dry Snacks
  9. Pacifier
  10. Sleep Sack
  11. Baby Blanket
  12. Medication

Avail of free checked baggage

In addition to your allotted carry-on allowance, you should be allowed the following:

  1. Stroller
  2. Car Seat
  3. Carrier
  4. Breast Pump

Use our ultimate packing checklist for 2023 as a handy guide.

Safe travels. <3

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