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Article: Visitor Etiquette 101: The Newborn Baby Edition

Visitor Etiquette 101: The Newborn Baby Edition
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Visitor Etiquette 101: The Newborn Baby Edition

The baby is here!

And you can’t wait to show ‘em off to the world.

Or, at least, your inner tribe of family and friends.

You’re excited, but also a little anxious.

A million thoughts are running through your mind.

“Is it safe to have visitors?”

“When can I allow people to visit my baby?”

“Do I let people visit the hospital or home?”

“How do I establish boundaries with visitors?”

Remember, a newborn baby’s immune system is developing during the first month.

If the right precautions are not taken, they can be susceptible to a number of infections.

Keeping that in mind, parents should establish best practices for visitors.

Greendigo experts have weighed in with etiquette rules and guidelines to ensure that newborn baby visits are safe, pleasant and worry-free.

Visitors should:

  1. Refrain from showing up unannounced.
  2. Wait for at least a week before reaching out to schedule a visit.
  3. Coordinate with a close family member instead of bombarding the mother with calls and texts.
  4. Inform the family in case of a last-minute cancellation.
  5. Pay a visit to the home rather than the hospital, as it may disrupt the mother’s sleep routine.
  6. Keep the visit short when going to the hospital.
  7. Have a shower before visiting.
  8. Avoid smoking before visiting.
  9. Sanitise (and wear a mask, if required) before entering the room.
  10. Avoid visiting if unwell, even if it’s a mild cold or cough.
  11. Avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne, as this could trigger nausea in the mother.
  12. Avoid wearing heavy rings or bracelets, as they are known to carry germs.
  13. Avoid bringing very big gifts. Explore Greendigo’s collection of apparel, accessories and bedding.
  14. Avoid gifting money.
  15. Avoid bringing flowers, as the baby may react to the pollen.
  16. Inquire about allergies before bringing a home cooked meal.
  17. Have no expectations about carrying the baby.
  18. Ask the mother before reaching out for the baby.
  19. Give the baby back to the mother if they begin to cry.
  20. Refrain from kissing the baby, especially on the face or lips.
  21. Ask for permission before taking pictures of the baby.
  22. Be prepared for the mother to be nursing the baby.
  23. Refrain from giving unsolicited opinions and / or advice.
  24. Be positive and supportive.
  25. Ask if any help is needed.

It can be very overwhelming to have visitors come and go through the day.

Which is why, Greendigo stresses on the importance of being vocal about one’s feelings and preferences.

Having specific time slots, and days of the week, help to ensure that you are not always under the watchful eyes of visitors.

Remember, this is your special time.

If all you want is to be with your baby and partner, so be it.

For some moms, postpartum blues is very real.

So, kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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