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Greendigo is a GOTS certified organic cotton children's clothes brand that complies with the strictest social and environmental requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process, from farm to factory.

When shopping from Greendigo, you are guaranteed the authenticity of your purchase being organic. Our products are manufactured without harmful chemicals and with the utmost consideration for the environment, our planet and our children.

Greendigo products come packed with love in organic cotton pouches. Not only does this eliminate the use of plastic, but these drawstring pouches are great to reuse.

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GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the most recognized certification of organic textiles worldwide. The GOTS certificate guarantees that a product is completely organic, from the sowing and harvesting of raw materials, to the full finish of the product. The GOTS certificate ensures top quality, defining high-level environmental and social criteria throughout the supply chain in the production of textiles and clothing.

GOTS certified also means that garments are free of hazardous chemicals. Any chemicals used must be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This certification also guarantees that a clothing item is made from 95% certified organic natural fibers. The remaining 5% (such as buttons, labels etc), must be made of sustainable or recycled materials.

By purchasing GOTS certified products, not only are you safeguarding the health and safety of your loved ones but also ensuring fair and safe working conditions for farmers and factory workers.

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At Greendigo, we are committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the aim to achieve better health and more sustainable economic growth for everyone.

From employing underprivileged women to eliminate gender inequality and supporting local organic cotton farmers for economic growth, we also advocate use of clean, cleverly designed and long lasting products to drive responsible consumption and reduce wasteful production. Organic farming has lower emissions of greenhouse gases with additional benefits of bio-diversity. Since Greendigo uses organic cotton, it helps minimise the effects of climate change too.

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from burning fossil fuels and clear-cutting forests are resulting in climate change. At Greendigo, we already use organic fabrics and employ sustainable manufacturing practices to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. But there are still emissions which are unavoidable.

We are tackling these unavoidable emissions by investing in offset projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency. We buy carbon offset credits from these projects that are equal to our unavoidable emissions. This provides crucial funding for these projects to continue to thrive while making all our products carbon neutral from โ€˜seed to doorstep. All our projects are rigorously verified and certified through The Gold Standard and UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).


At Greendigo, we have built a completely transparent & trusted supply chain. From farm to factory, we are proud to make all our clothes locally in India. We endeavour to make a positive impact to the environment by making certified organic cotton clothes. But is this actually making a significant difference and if yes, then how so?

To understand the positive impact of our clean supply chain, we got Green Story to help us with a Comparative Life Cycle Impact Assessment. This helped us understand how we fare on key metrics like water savings, energy savings, emissions and land preservation.

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Greendigo strongly believes that clean clothing is not just a privilege of a few but should be a right of all children. We are happy to donate our new and unused organic cotton production samples and unsold inventory to children in urban slums and economically weak villages in India. For this, we are proud to be associated with Trishul, an NGO that works in the area of educating underprivileged children.

Since roughly 60% of discarded clothing reaches landfills causing long-term pollution on our planet, it is very heartwarming to see happy faces of these children donning our organic clothes while our unused inventory is put to good use in line with our zero waste philosophy.


Greendigo became a member of Textile Exchange as we share the vision of a global textile industry that protects and restores the environment and enhances lives. We are proud to be a part of this forum to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain and minimize the harmful impacts of the global textile industry.

Textile Exchange identifies and shares best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability, and product end-of-life in order to create positive impacts on water, soil, air, animals, and the human population created around the world by the textile industry. ย 

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